SEMA 2015: Racepak’s Brand-Spankin’-New IQ3S Street Dash And More

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Well-known for providing motorsports solutions in the area of datalogging, Racepak is branching out to capture more of the street market.

“We’ve redesigned the IQ3 dash so that the display itself can provide information such as high beams, turn signals, warnings, and all the types of stuff you’d need in an actual street dash — even fuel level,” says Racepak’s Tim Anderson.

The connections on the rear of the unit have been reconfigured to input the speedometer and all the other street-style signals; the new setup ensures that simplicity is king when it comes to outfitting your car with one of these.

Streaming Data

With an eye on the enthusiast market that’s grown fond of i-products to do nearly everything, Racepak has developed a V-Net module to send a Bluetooth data stream straight to any iOS-equipped device.

It’s easily paired to the Racepak Bluetooth module, eliminates the requirement for a programming cable, and offers four different display pages that can be navigated with a simple left or right swipe. No more laptops necessary!

Sure to be a hit with the street rod and muscle car crowd clamoring for a better vehicle-monitoring solution than six or eight gauges strewn across the dashboard, the IQ3S uses completely different connections from the company’s original race-ready IQ3. However, the V-Net connector remains on the rear of the unit, should one be interested in using Racepak’s sensors to monitor different components.

The laundry list of features includes OBDII connections for 2008-newer vehicles, auto-dimming operation when the headlights are turned on, a fan output, and the ability to interface with over 20 aftermarket EFI systems including Holley, AEM, F.A.S.T, Haltech, and MSD among others.

There are four programmable external warnings, such as oil pressure or water temperature, and the shift lights are completely programmable as well. It will even connect to Racepak’s GPS module to provide speed via GPS if there is no mechanical speed input available.

There’s even a datalogger-equipped version in the works, although Anderson says it’s not ready for release just yet.

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