SEMA 2015: Webasto Heats Things Up With A Custom Ford Edge Sport

Strolling into Ford’s large display at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, we talked to Webasto about what is in store for 2016. Webasto brought out a custom Ford Edge that was fresh inside and out. A blend of both luxury and high performance, Josh Lupu of Webasto had much to tell us about the company’s newest products, as well as the research and development behind the new Ford Edge Sport.


The Ford Edge Sport built by Webasto is a unique and sporty build that had onlookers coming back for a second take.

“We’re showcasing our new Hollandia 740 in-built sunroof,” said Josh Lupu of Webasto. “It’s an in-built sunroof that vents or goes underneath the roof skin. It’s definitely a different way of looking at it.”

The Hollandia 740 sunroof features dark tinted glass that also includes a redesigned rear drain trough. It is an integrated tilt or sliding sunroof that disappears into the roof lining, giving off a sleek, clean look.

The sunroof features an auto-close and retract system, as well as an optional rain sensor. The Protective Venus glass helps to shield ultraviolet radiation and solar heat that tends to destroy and discolor leather and fabric vehicle interiors.


The Hollandia 740 Series sunroof has a clean look to it, but also serves to protect your vehicle from the harmful ultraviolet radiation outside.

The Ford Edge Sport Webasto customized features the 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6, all-wheel drive configuration, and has a plethora of modifications. Lupu mentioned that this Edge was the R&D vehicle for the Ford Edge.

“We have both options for customers, and since some like a small-sized sunroof or full-size one, we have one for all,” Lupu said. “We used the theme of luxury performance for this vehicle. From the paint color to the carbon fiber, we wanted to create a vehicle that featured high-performance as well with big brakes, an axle back exhaust, and wide wheels from Avant Garde. They are one-off custom 22×9 inches all the ways around and have been CNC-machined, and are hand-brushed and tinted with a clear coat, and powder coat to match the carbon fiber and the rest of the paint.”

Webasto also worked with JMS to create a throttle response module that gives the vehicle an instantaneous feel upon pressing the accelerator. A set of H&R springs lower the Edge two inches, giving the vehicle a more aggressive stance.

“We also included a new product — a thermal top eve engine pre-heater,” Lupu said. “With a Smartphone you can install an app that can actually start the heater before you even turn on the engine. It will pre-heat the engine, warm the fluids, circulate them, and provide instant heat to the interior. This means when you go out and start the car, the temperature is correct for the air/fuel mix, helping wear and tear on the engine and also extending the life of the turbo … like on the Ford Edge we have here.”


What is essentially the best of both worlds, Lupu said building this Ford Edge was a pleasure, “A lot of one-off and research and development went into this Ford Edge, which will hopefully lead to future products to take to the market moving forward.”

Webasto was honored by Ford Motor Company for the overall design and package it developed specifically for this Ford Edge. To view all of Webasto’s products, be sure to check out their website here.

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