FIlling Master Cylinder

Video: Dual Master Cylinder Brake Bleeding With Tilton Engineering

Tilton Engineering walks us through the process of bleeding a dual master cylinder brake system for post-race maintenance and priming a brand new system. Read More


Ray Briggs’ Cherry ’69 Camaro Could Be The Perfect Cruiser

Some guys want a car that is designed for racing, while others want a car that will win all the trophies at car shows. Ray Briggs' Camaro can do both, but he would rather spend his time racking up miles. Read More

Mark Dykeman 2

Sportsman Spotlight: Mark Dykeman’s Blue Goose Camaro

Already running 4-second e.t.s in X275 and soon in Extreme Leaf Spring Class racing, Mark Dykeman's Z28 has some surprises in store for competitors in the the fall, thanks to an engine and supercharger upgrade. Read More


Steering Pump Problems? Turn One Tech Tips Provides Some Answers

If you notice that your steering pump gently weeps, you could be pushing it too hard and overheating the fluid. Turn One has a fix for that with its modified GM-style steering pumps for street and track. Read More

Press Release Photo

The Iconic “Hemi Under Glass” Returns With A New Driver

The world’s most famous drag racing exhibition car, the Hemi Under Glass, has a new driver. Mike Mantel will take over the driving honors from Mopar Hall of Fame inductee Bob Riggle. Read More


Killer Kustom 1959 Impala Boasts Supercharged LS9 Motivation

Supercharged 1959 Chevy Impala custom build to pure perfection is up for sale. Initially built for a customer, it has been turned into a modified gorgeous everyday drive and can be yours..for a price Read More


Ernie Ricard’s 1939 International D-30/1934 Ford Custom Build

We found an amazing custom build with an international flair from our neighbors to the north in Alberta, Canada. This combination custom International D30/Ford Pickup must be seen to be believed. Read More


Throwback Thursday: Chevrolet Options You Likely Never Knew About

Selling options are one way a car dealer makes money, and the more options they sell, the more money they make. Over the years, some Chevrolet options weren't very popular, and that can make them valuable today. Read More


ididit Releases Lightweight Pro-Lite Steering Column

New from ididit – the Pro-Lite lightweight steering column. It weighs under six pounds and comes packed with features like self-canceling turn signals, four-way flashers, horn wiring, and more. Check it out! Read More

1953 Mercury

Tony Genty Buys Back Family Business, Changes Name And Location

Jamco Suspension becomes Jamco Parts and moves back to the Genty family, expanding product lines and changing location of the company headquarters. Read more about the recent changes at Jamco Parts here. Read More


Top 5 Most Infamous Street Rod/Customs Of All Time: #4

John Dillinger's year long quarter million dollar crime spree involved robbing 24 banks and four police stations. His choice of escape vehicles was the 1933 Essex Trerraplane, a discreet street rod for the times. Read More


Getting the Most Out Of Your Ignition: Spark Plug Indexing 101

Investing the time to perform spark plug indexing will improve the spark plugs ability to supply proper ignition, which leads to greater power output. Read More


Grocery Getter: Aussie Scott Sharpe’s Big-Block Valiant Wagon

Australian Scott Sharpe turned this Valiant wagon on its head, purchasing the car online and transforming it into a big-block Mopar-powered brawler fit for street or track duty. Read More


Top 5 Most Infamous Street Rod/Custom Of All Time: #5

Our #5 on the top five countdown of most infamous Street Rods or Customs is a stretch fit into the custom category but worth including on the list. Ted Bundy's 1968 VW is truly a macabre container of death. Read More


HRIA Free Seminars And Pinewood Derby At The NSRA Nationals

The NSRA National events offer so much for enthusiasts, and this year's Louisville Nationals also featuring the HRIA's pinewood derby and free seminars. More info on how to register here. Read More


Home-Built Hero: Bill Pewterbaugh’s ’68 Chevelle SS

After 43 years of owning this Chevelle, some might think that Bill Pewterbaugh is afraid of change. That couldn't be farther from the truth, he just knows when something is worth keeping around for the long haul. Read More


Classic Instruments Introduces 2 5/8-Inch Gauges

New from Classic Instruments – full sweep and short sweep 2 5/8-gauges. These units come with rugged air-core movement for long-lasting precision and durability, as well as all-new performance-style bezels. Read More


Video: Crashing At 195 MPH, And They Walked Away From Tangled Mess

When Nacho and Louie teamed up to take their 1,800 horsepower Camaro out for a 195 mph run, a finish line rollover was not what they expected. It's nothing short of a miracle they survived to talk about it. Read More


Tech: Heidts Updates A Third-Gen Camaro With IRS

Heidts has engineered a new IRS system to improve the handling and performance of third-gen Camaros and Firebirds. We go under the latest install to see how this new technology can be fitted to earlier cars. Read More

CS1160 Front

TECH5: Insight Into Timing Gear Sets With Nornda

This week we had the opportunity to sit down with Marty Staggs, the U.S. representative of Norada. Today's topic is the focused on timing components and different ways to dial in your timing. Read More