Ralf Becker is the editor of Chromjuwelen.com, a German web site that we’ve referenced before. There’s an ongoing American muscle segment of the enthusiast community in that country and Becker is always busy checking stuff out and documenting it.

Recently, he put together a video of some of the more notable cars that he’s seen and posted it for all. The commentary and titles are in German, but you know what? It doesn’t matter!

By the time you’ve figured out you can’t read anything, you’ll already be entranced by the range of both American and Australian iron that Becker has found there.

American cars in Europe don’t just live in Germany, of course. There is a broad-based and active enthusiast segment that spreads across Europe, sometimes driven by the presence of U.S. military bases and elsewhere just by smitten individuals.

Both the UK and Scandanavia are also notably active, but you really have to wonder how some of these cars get around on the incredibly narrow streets that weave through some places in those countries.

For contemporary muscle cars, our domestic manufacturers haven’t made it particularly easy to get Mustangs, Camaros and Challengers in Europe, so the number you’ll see in the video speaks to the enthusiasm and persistence of these car owners. Oh, and there’s one more thing that may amaze or confound you after seeing this video – these Germans take their show cars out in the rain. Who’d a’ thought?

Chromjuwelen En Route