Video: Mickey Thompson-Shoed Daily Driver GTO Runs 9’s in Dubai

We first heard about Tammour’s amazing 2004 GTO (actually branded as a Chevy Lumina SS in Dubai) through Autoholics, which led us to Crank & Piston’s in-depth look at the car.

The blistering beast of a GTO running on a set of Mickey Thompson ET-Street rubbers, is powered by a fully built 6.5L V8 topped off with a hefty supercharger, which Tammour has had to customize plates, brackets and pipes for in order for it to be aligned perfectly and not blow after just one run. The car also features a fuel cell, and an intricate cooling system, that right now is a bit more than the car needs, but allows Tammour to make over a dozen track passes without having to worry about heat.

Surprisingly the interior of the car has remained relatively intact. Aside from some race seats and the recent addition of a roll cage, the car has all the creature comforts of a stock GTO, including full console, stereo system, and even air conditioning. While Tammour has plans to add carbon fiber doors, door panels and a truck to the carbon fiber hood already on the car, he won’t do anything more as far as weight savings goes if it affects the look of the interior.

While getting the car to its current 780hp status on pump gas, 810hp on race gas, has taken him almost six years of trials and errors, Tammour seems to have it down to a science now.

Unlike here in the States where companies and other racers are readily available to help with questions and ideas, Tammour told Crank & Piston that he’s been pretty much on his own for this build. Naturally, Tammour has done all the work on his own car, which has led him to figure out what does work, and what definitely does not. So far, Tammour has gone through two blocks, one rear end, three transmissions and two superchargers to get the GTO humming to the correct tune, but his efforts and money spent have not gone without reward.

Just recently, Tammour’s GTO became the first and only street-legal GTO to run a 9-second quarter mile in the Middle East, completing a 9.825-second pass at Yas Marina Dragstrip just two months ago.

Obviously, Tammour’s hard work and dedication to his craft have paid off, but he’s far from done. Tammour told Crank & Piston that he thinks he could pull another half-second off his current track record.

He also hasn’t ruled out pushing the car into the 8s, although that would more than likely mean the GTO could no longer be driven on the street.

It’s a tough call, but we have a feeling Tammour’s GTO won’t vanish from front-page news anytime soon, no matter what he chooses to do with it next. We just wish Tammour was a bit closer so we could witness the GTO’s amazing track runs first hand.

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