SEMA 2021: Optima’s New Line Of Modern Yellow Top Batteries

The SEMA Show is an event we look forward to every year. Last year was the first-ever virtual version, and it was a welcome distraction from all the craziness of 2020. Still, we were more than excited to make our way back to the Las Vegas Convention Center and return to our regularly scheduled programming – where the entirety of the automotive aftermarket convenes to showcase its wares and the world-class builds it produces alike.

This year, we caught up with a number of manufacturers, but one that really stood out to us was Optima Batteries. As always, the brand’s booth did not disappoint. We caught up with Jack Reesman from Optima and got the low-down on everything new.

We asked Jack to tell us about the newest YellowTop in Optima’s lineup. He launched in, “We have here [pictured] an example from our new line of YellowTop batteries. We’re trying to get into the new DIN sizes of batteries. Optima has traditionally always been involved in the BCI sizes of batteries. So, we’re essentially trying to meet the new market demand with this because that’s where the OE manufacturers are starting to go.”

The YellowTop remains the same in its function though. “That is really our deep-cycle type battery for cars that can handle bigger loads. It maintains a slightly better charge acceptance over, say, our RedTop which is a pretty standard starting, lighting, ignition sort of battery.”

As we chatted with Jack, it became apparent, modern cars require modern batteries, but what does that mean exactly? “For many OE vehicles to decrease emissions and increase mpg, instead of running accessories off of the alternator, they are now being run off of the battery. So, things like your power seats, GPS, blower motor, anything electrical you can think of, are all run off the battery, that way you’re decreasing the load on the engine so it doesn’t have to work as hard.”

“Because of that, you’re getting a lot more charging and discharging of the battery as you drive. Stop/start technology also plays a major role here because everything is run off of the battery once the car shuts off. S0, being able to discharge but stay the charge and then have that really good charge acceptance to go back up to 80-percent or higher is really key for modern cars.”

As always, with Optima, customers can expect pure-lead construction. Jack continued, “The thing with Optima is, it’s pure lead. Our batteries come with only pure lead. That is the top-grade material anyone can get, especially when compared to some aftermarket AGM. We try to maintain really high standards when it comes to our raw materials. We make sure we’re not getting any contaminants that could potentially cause shorts or manufacturing defects within our processes.”

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