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As the Managing Editor of Power Automedia’s collection of magazine titles, and amidst celebrating our 15 year anniversary, I wanted to share some Q&A I had with the editors for each of our magazines so that you, our readers, could better understand who’s behind the wheel driving your favorite automotive content forward. The team at Street Muscle Magazine encompasses a group of talented freelance writers and photographers with years of experience in their respective fields, all led by the Street Muscle Editor, Vinny Costa. They are passionate about all things muscle car and want to share that excitement with you – so come find out what they think is cool about the industry! I sat down with Vinny to break down the personality behind the leading digital magazine to find out what being a “Media Mover, Shaker, and Story Breaker” means to him.

Q: What’s your mission for your magazine?

A: Street Muscle has the unique opportunity to cater to an extremely wide range of muscle car lovers. From the fat-tired street machines of yesteryear all the way up to the most radical late model super muscle cars you can think of, Street Muscle has a responsibility to engage all of those individual audiences and provide them with the latest in tech, industry news, show coverage, and so much more. The mission is to create something for everyone who loves muscle cars. 

Q: Why are you destined to take the #1/#2 spot in your market?

A: Ultimately, there’s really no one else doing what we are right now. We took the best parts of those old-school print magazines that we all used to love when they were still around, and put our own 21st-century spin on it. What’s resulted is a digital magazine that bridges the gap between nostalgia and excitement for what comes next. 

Q: How do you hope to make an impact in the space?

A: I think there’s a pretty common misconception that young people aren’t into cars the same way previous generations were. I think young people do like cars, they just might appreciate them in a different way. I’d like to connect those two groups – those with a vast knowledge of automotive history and those with a passion to learn from it. 

Why is automotive more than just a piece of transportation to you?

For most people, a car is simply an appliance. No more personality than a toaster or a washing machine. For car people, a car is an extension of their own personality. An outlet for their creativity. A statement of their individuality. It tells the rest of the world, you are not just another silver blob floating along one of America’s highways…you are not just getting from point a to point b – you’re living, and you’re having fun doing it…I mean, when you’ve got your favorite music on and you’re blasting with the windows down…I don’t think we’ve figured out anything closer to time travel yet. There’s gotta be a reason Doc chose a Delorean and not a Camry, right?

Biggest moment for you in your career thus far?

I could tell you it was earning my NHRA Competition License in a Dodge Demon, or the time Ford let me sling a brand new GT500 around Sonoma Raceway. Those are highlights. Hell, how about interviewing some of my childhood heroes like Steve Strope and the Ring Brothers on our podcast? Still…no. Honestly, it’s been the opportunity to learn from and work with some really amazing people. Forging those friendships means the most to me.  

What’s the most important aspect of what we do, to you?

Educating and entertaining. A wise man once told me when I touch pen to paper or click my keyboard, I should be doing one or the other, and if I do it right, I’ll be doing both. Whether it’s an in-depth how-to tech article or a feel-good feature on a kick-ass hot rod, I want people to come away from the read feeling like their time was well-spent. 

What’s does being a media mover and shaker mean to you?

A trendsetter. A rule breaker. A risk-taker. Someone who’s not afraid to go against the grain and find new avenues to reach people. Someone with their ear to the ground and their finger on the pulse of what’s happening in their automotive scene. Someone with an eye for the next big thing and the words to take people there. 

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