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The C8 Corvette has become the darling of tuners and enthusiasts alike, And as a result, many companies have forged head-first into designing and producing components to up the performance of the all-new Corvette. Several hurdles have leveled the playing field for getting products ready for market, but thanks to its extensive experience in all things Corvette, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering has been able to envelop the C8 Corvette for better all-around performance.

Sound Performance

One of the first things many enthusiasts seek to do when personalizing their Corvettes is swapping out the exhaust for a more performance-focused tone. With the C8 Corvette’s engine now residing behind the passengers, GM needed to re-design (re-think actually) how to include all the necessary bits and adhere to noise regulations while not restricting flow. Lingenfelter partnered with Corsa Performance to epitomize both the flow and sound of the Lingenfelter C8 exhaust while also checking off all the D.O.T. requirements.

The complexities of engineering components for Chevy’s new halo car are illustrated by the various exhaust systems offered by Lingenfelter. Giving the C8 Corvette a truly “extreme” performance sound is desirable when under full throttle, but the system must be pleasing to discerning drivers while in all other operating modes, as well. The C8 Corvette is fitted with GM’s Active Fuel Management system, which puts the engine into four-cylinder mode to help reduce fuel consumption while cruising. Unfortunately, this change in operation is enough to impart droning if not limited. GM did this by installing the AFM valve system into the C8’s exhaust. The Lingenfelter system is available with and without this drone-limiting AFM valve to satisfy drivers putting on-track or over-the-road miles on their C8s.

Lingenfelter offers Corsa exhausts with and without the NPP valve, as well as units designed to work with the factory AFM actuator valve.

Lingenfelter also offers an exhaust specifically for those C8s wearing RPO code “NPP,” which stands for GM’s dual-mode exhaust system. This allows complete control of the sound profile from mild to wild with the use of actuators to open up the exhaust under heavy acceleration or tone down the note when not wanted. The Lingenfelter NPP-equipped exhaust is over nine decibels louder and one decibel quieter than the factory exhaust for its respective modes. The NPP exhaust replaces the AFM valve with a machined simulator bracket to prevent an AFM check-engine light and is perfect for those who intend on driving their C8s primarily in “Track” mode.

The mid-engine design of the C8 Corvette meant that all new aftermarket components needed to be designed for the car. It’s easy to see how packaging has changed from previous generations.

Each Lingenfelter exhaust is constructed from 304 stainless steel and is covered by a lifetime warranty with a five-year warranty on the applicable valves. Power increases have reached 18 horsepower and 16 lb-ft of torque over stock, and the Lingenfelter exhaust will shave up to 25 pounds of weight from the C8.


Many have been “boosting” the performance of C8 Corvettes, but particular enthusiasts prefer naturally-aspirated ways of increasing the output of their C8s. Lingenfelter offers this great-looking Performance Design pTR carbon-fiber intake, further upgraded with the Lingenfelter Ported LT5 95mm throttle body. The intake is available with a black or red throttle body flange to complement your specific build.

The Performance Design pTR carbon fiber intake nestles into the engine bay and brings noticeable power when mated with Lingenfelter’s optional throttle body.

Combined with the optional throttle body, C8 owners have seen an additional 25 horsepower when used in conjunction with the Lingenfelter Corsa Exhaust. The intake features complete ECM integration with all factory connections, and no calibration is necessary. The intake has been tested to 50 psi for those who wish to boost their C8s, and the heat-resistant carbon-fiber plenum and polymer lower help keep heat-soak in check.

the intake is a work of art and features a composite base and runners to combat heat soak. The throttle body is upgraded to 95mm for additional airflow when the pedal meets carpeting.

The Lingenfelter pTR intake manifold system comes complete with all necessary couplers, hoses, harnesses, gaskets, fasteners, and connectors for installation in C8 Corvettes using the LT2 engine. It also allows port-fuel injection for those specific situations that require more fuel, specifically under boosted applications. However, due to the intakes’ tunnel-ram design, it is not available for use on convertible C8 Corvette models.

Beyond Cat-Back

Nothing says “going to the next level” like a set of headers. They optimize the exhaust immediately as it leaves the engine and continues to build power through thoughtful design and engineering. Lingenfelter offers a set of headers engineered specifically for the C8 Corvette, which still utilize the necessary catalytic converters but work with the upgraded Corsa exhaust to optimize the flow of exhaust gasses and give the Corvette an even more aggressive tone.

The Corsa-designed headers come with Lingenfelter’s special Jet-Hot coating and are engineered to work with the factory or aftermarket catalysts.

Lingenfelter’s C8 headers have been specially coated to keep them fresh looking for the long term. They are manufactured using mandrel-bent 1-7/8-inch 304 stainless steel tubes with flanges maintaining the stock bolt pattern at the heads and a three-inch collector which necks down to 2.5-inches on the other end. These C8 headers are emissions legal, do not require a tune, and are ready for the track or the street. All necessary gaskets and hardware for installation are included. Designed to maximize flow and accentuate your C8’s exhaust sound, they are a great complement to any one of Lingenfelter’s performance-minded exhausts.

Not all modifications consist of noise and speed. Sometimes stance makes the most statement. Lingenfelter has options for C8 owners whose Corvettes feature front lift actuators. This Lingenfelter C8 Corvette front lowering kit is designed to allow lowering a C8 Corvette another ½- to ¾-inches in the front. The maximum drop is ¾-inches, and an additional shim is included to reduce the lowering to half an inch if desired.

Lingenfelter also gives C8 owners the opportunity to lower their Corvettes with a front and rear lowering package. The spanner wrench is all that is needed to drop the rear while the front suspension bushings drop the front.

The front lowering kit does not affect the stock shock or factory spring performance but provides an aggressive stance. The spacer is precision machined out of 6061 Aluminum for a precise fit over the shock body. The kit also includes a de-pinning tool to remove the pins from the shock connector on cars equipped with the magnetic ride.

The Lingenfelter lowering bushings require removal of the front assembly for installation and drop the front of the car up to 3/4-inch, the maximum allowable before adverse suspension alignment.

For that overall-low stance, Lingenfelter also offers a C8 Corvette spanner wrench set to drop the rear of your C8 Corvette. There is approximately 1-inch of adjustment available in lowering the rear of a C8, and these anodized wrenches allow utilizing the available threads to get that performance vibe, even when sitting still.

Designed to store neatly in the recess in the glovebox under the owner’s manual, these wrenches come full of value with an integrated scale and flat bottom, allowing precise measurement of measurement. Each part of the wrench is designed specifically for the nuts on the shock, and the asymmetric teeth will enable the wrench to rotate in the spring collar during adjustment naturally. There is also an optional, custom leather pouch available.

Parts A La Carte

We spoke with Mark Rapson at Lingenfelter about how all these new products fit into the company’s parts sales structure. “The C8 is an exciting platform and presents a huge opportunity for new performance components. However, based on the complexity and sophistication of the C8 and its operating system, the engineering of performance upgrades has commanded a more sophisticated approach ensuring they properly integrate with the C8 electronics. More than any previous platform, it’s extremely important to make sure all upgrades are installed and integrated properly,” Rapson explained. “Going forward as we release higher HP max performance C8 programs, and to avoid issues and ensure consistent performance and customer satisfaction, these upgrades will only  be installed at our facilities and will be developing a network of Lingenfelter-qualified dealers that can install the system.”

Those very same complexities are the reason Mark suggests customers call Lingenfelter and speak with one of their performance advisors to ensure they get the necessary components based on their needs and usage. Customers can write to, and our performance advisors will contact them. So whether you purchase all the above or tailor your parts list for specific areas, doing your C8 Corvette Christmas shopping at Lingenfelter is sure to bring a smile on your face!

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