Check Out AMD’s New ’73-’87 Square Body Bed Floor

squarebody bed floorWith the growing popularity of early trucks, enterprising enthusiasts are clamoring to get parts to help them modify their rides? To help those hot rodders, Auto Metal Direct (AMD) is now offering all-new ‘73-‘87 Chevy and GMC square body bed floor pieces for the short bed, Fleetside trucks. But this isn’t just any standard bed floor, it is ready to accommodate 4-inch wider wheel tubs — which are also available separately from AMD. This new floor eliminates the need to modify the bed floor to install the wider tubs, now you can purchase the all-new bed floor and directly bolt in the wider tubs! This saves a huge amount of time and money not having to fabricate the floor.

But in the words of a late-night infomercial, wait, there’s more. AMD went one step further, and the bed floors feature a one-piece construction just like the original. AMD has reproduced these new parts to GM spec. We’re told they feature a one-piece floor stamping, and all the braces underneath are OE correct bed floor.

squarebody bed floor

From topside to bottomside, AMD made these as OE correct as possible.

If you’re not looking for a new square body bed floor to fit wider tires and need OE dimensions, AMD is developing the same OE-style quality bed floors in stock form as well. They are working through the production schedule, so stay tuned for more info on these as well.

Why not make it a complete bed floor by adding the 4-inch-wider wheel tubs?

AMD continues to support C/K Truck enthusiasts and restoration professionals in the continued growth of their truck product line. These OE quality components from AMD are the perfect touch for your restoration. Call 1-877.575.3586 today for full details or visit online at

  • PN: 790-4073-64S Bed Floor Assembly For 4-inch Wider Tubs – ’73-’87 Chevy GMC C/K Short Bed Fleetside Pickup
  • PN: 760-4073-4 Bed Wheel Tubs – 4-inches Wider – Pair – 73-87 Chevy GMC C/K Fleetside Pickup; ’73-’91 Blazer Jimmy

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