Barn Find Hunter, Tom Cotter Reveals His Secrets In New Book

If you find stories of unearthing dusty, long-forgotten automotive treasures truly captivating, then this book by Tom Cotter is a must-have for you. In his new book, Secrets Of The Barn Find Hunter: The Art Of Finding Lost Collector Cars, Tom gives an entertaining and informative look into the world of automotive archeology and shares some tips on how he works his barn-find magic. He shares his perspective on this exciting lifestyle and explains why the thrill of discovery never dies when looking for his next “lost” car.

The book highlights some of Tom’s most epic finds and Cotter brings you along to share the experience. Tom has also carried his barn-hunting skills to the small screen via an ongoing series titled “The Barn Find Hunter” on YouTube. The series is sponsored by Hagerty Classic Insurance.

Ever the prolific author, Tom has written biographies of the legendary Holman-Moody race team, Tommy Ivo, and Dean Jeffries, but is best known for his series of barn find books, such as Cobra in the Barn, 50 Shades of Rust, and Barn Find Road Trip. In his latest book, Tom gives an illustrated, behind-the-scenes look at how he deploys his well-honed auto-archaeology skills to ferret out amazing collector car stashes. Tom shares his experiences in over 200 pages documenting those rare and extremely interesting finds during his adventures. Survivor vehicles are all the rage for collectors and enthusiasts and thanks to Tom’s entertaining and creative writing, we not only get to view these cars but also get the stories behind them! Be sure to get your copy of Secrets Of The Barn Find Hunter for your collection and see the people, places, and awesome cars that were just waiting to be found by the one-and-only Barn Find Hunter!

Book Info:

Secrets of the Barn Find Hunter

By Tom Cotter, foreword by McKeel Hagerty

Publisher: Motorbooks

Hardcover, $30.00 US, $39.99 CAN

ISBN: 9780760372975

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