Easy DIY Suspension And Brake Upgrades For Your Classic Hot Rod

Today, automotive enthusiasts have a broad range of options to choose from when outfitting their classic car or truck with replacement brake, steering, and suspension components. In fact, this once obscure corner of the aftermarket has blossomed into a multi-million dollar a year industry, ripe with a number of heavy-hitting manufacturers.

Of the aftermarket suppliers within this industry, few are as renowned, or as all-encompassing as Classic Performance Products (CPP). Headquartered in Placentia, California, CPP has gained quite the reputation for offering quality steering, suspension, and brake system components, at a price point well within the budget of most blue-collar Americans.

Consumers have come to expect nothing but the best from CPP, and for good reason. Each of the manufacturer’s kits is packed full of nothing but the heartiest components and comes complete with the bulk of everything that is required for installation. Take for instance a brake upgrade. Getting all the parts you need to get the job done is crucial to a system that works.

While looking for a brake kit for a Chevelle, we found, PN:6872FRBK-BB. The front binders consist of 13-inch rotors that mount to a machined and anodized hub. Clamping is via a PBR caliper with 52 mm pistons and the brake assembly mounts to original spindles. The rear setup is comprised of a 12-inch rotor with a Lincoln-style caliper. The CPP kits come complete with everything you need to handle the installation and it is designed to fit an OE application.


“We put these complete packages together, that are targeted to make it an easy, affordable, and well-performing installation. We also try to include everything the consumer or installer is going to need to complete the installation,” says Jim Ries president of CPP.

Additionally, many consumers and enthusiasts find favor in the stellar level of adjustability, showcased by Classic Performance Parts’ various kits. The company manufactures each of its suspension kits to provide road-trip-worthy comfort, yet still be capable of cornering at speed, with a few simple adjustments. As Ries says, “built for the street, proven on the track.”


If want to give your car a truly complete brake and suspension package, then the Pro Touring kits from CPP are for you. They are available in four stages and are made in the USA. These kits include tubular upper and lower control arms (rears also depending on the car), front and rear pro-touring sway bars, and lowering springs with nitrogen gas shocks in the PTK1. You can upgrade to coilovers with rear dual-adjustable shocks (PTK2, PTK3, PTK4). Kits PTK3 (Stage III) and PTK4 (Stage IV) include brakes for the front and rear, creating a “tried and true” pro-touring package.


If past performance is any indicator, it appears as if Classic Performance Parts will continue to spearhead further development, saving consumers a wealth of time and money along the way. From pro-touring and LS-swap kits to custom Corvette-style spindles, CPP offers something to meet the needs of almost every consumer.

For more information on Classic Performance Parts’ current product lineup, click here, or contact the company directly by phone at (714) 522-2000.

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