Custom Steering Column Mounting Made Easy With IDIDIT

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When you are building a hot rod, sometimes, bolt-on, aftermarket parts are, unfortunately, not compatible with a custom build. Let’s face it, custom means just that, custom. But luckily, the situation is usually not insurmountable. Take for instance installing a steering column in a custom-built ride. Finding a column mount to securely attach the column to the car was at one time, an exercise in futility.

The folks at IDIDIT have been designing and building custom steering columns and mounting accessories for classics and street rods for decades. To say they understand the frustration is an understatement. That is why IDIDIT developed this all-new High Angled Swivel Ball Floor mount designed for more complex, unusual installs that require steeper angles where the column meets the firewall. If you’re working on a non-traditional build, IDIDIT’s new high-angle floor mount provides up to 35 degrees of articulation of the column tube. In case you are wondering, that is 10 degrees more than other designs.

This column mount is manufactured from billet aluminum and offers a sleek, more refined appearance. What’s more, it is available in either a machined or black-anodized finish. This floor mount accommodates 2- and 2-1/2-inch steering columns.

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