Why You Should Run An EFI Fuel Pump On A Carbureted Engine

A vehicle’s fuel system is designed around whether an engine will use a carburetor or fuel injection to introduce fuel and air into the engine. Typically, you’d run a fuel system that’s set up specifically for EFI or a carburetor, but there are some advantages to running an EFI fuel pump on a carbureted engine.

From a performance standpoint, a high-pressure pump — Like what would be used in an EFI fuel system — will give you consistent fuel pressure when used with a carburetor. When using an EFI-style pump, the fuel system will be return-style and it won’t be put under any additional pressure like a deadhead system would in a carbureted application. You will also be able to use an EFI-style fuel pressure regulator — this opens the door to an easy transition to EFI in the future if you want to ditch the carburetor.

If you decide to use an EFI pump with your carbureted engine, you’ll also have the ability to use either an external pump or an in-tank-style pump. The external pump will make it easier to replace or upgrade your fuel pump in the future. If you don’t want your pump exposed to the elements, an in-tank pump is the best choice, and it will provide improved cooling for your fuel pump.

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The fuel pressure regulator is the final piece of the fuel system puzzle for this application. You’ll need to run a return-style fuel pressure regulator and plumb the fuel system to use an EFI fuel pump. However, the regulator will need to have the correct low-pressure spring installed so it can be used with the carburetor.

If you’re interested in building this type of fuel system, you’ll want to watch this video from Holley. Host Ray Frescas goes over the parts you’ll need and why they will work with this type of system.

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