PRI 2022: OPTIMA Batteries Breaks Murphy’s Law With YellowTop

Murphy’s law is pretty simple, anything that can go wrong will go wrong, and batteries are probably the most in tune with this phrase. Batteries can be affected by heat, cold weather snaps, lack of usage, and an unpredictable short life span that makes for a dead battery situation, usually at the worst of times. However, OPTIMA Batteries has long since been an advocate for the car owner and created several batteries to combat these instances from happening from the start. One of OPTIMA’s most famous units is the OPTIMA Batteries’ YellowTop High-Performance AGM battery.


OPTIMA Batteries Workhorse YellowTop High-Performance AGM Battery

The OPTIMA Batteries YellowTop High-Performance AGM battery stands out as the perfect choice for vehicle owners who need great starting power but also, deep-cycling capabilities. The heavy-duty battery is also the perfect addition to a vehicle outfitted with multiple accessories. Racing scenarios where electric fans and water pumps remain on after a pass to cool an engine can be a strain on battery power when the vehicle is not idling. Once started back up, the low internal resistance found in the OPTIMA YellowTop allows it to have faster recharge times.

Since most race engines utilize high compression and race fuels to make more horsepower, it’s not uncommon to have trouble cold starting these engines. This is where the OPTIMA YellowTop shines with great starting power. However, it isn’t just the starting power that makes the YellowTop a good buy. The YellowTop boasts a three times longer service life, fifteen times more resistance to vibration, and the ability to discharge and recharge more than 300 times.

While the OPTIMA Batteries YellowTop is maintenance-free, it can also be mounted in any position, which means less fabrication and more ability to mount it anywhere in the cabin to achieve optimally balanced weight. The battery is also leak proof making it extremely safe in racing applications. So, if you’re looking for a battery that can do it all, check out the OPTIMA Yellowtop High-Performance AGM battery.

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