Modernizing A Classic With Eddie Motorsports And UPI

If you have been following along with our Project MaxStreet, you know the car was recently finished and even made the trek to the 2022 SEMA show where it won the TMI Products Trim Award. But what you might not have heard about, was how the finishing details were added with the help of Eddie Motorsports, and United Pacific Industries (UPI). Now complete, the bolt-on pieces we added have helped us in modernizing a classic Nova and have launched the car to an insanely show-worthy level.

It has taken a lot of hard work to turn this classic into a ride that can stop any showgoer in their tracks. has worked hard to turn this classic Bow Tie compact into a potent muscle car with an Edelbrock/Musi 555ci big-block Chevy engineProCharger F-2 superchargerTCI 6X transmissionWilwood brakesMoser rearend, and much more. Most recently, MaxStreet received a fresh coat of matte white paint from Axalta Coating, bringing this half-century-old build closer to showtime.

Nothing dresses up an underhood area like a set of billet hood hinges.

But when it comes to modernizing a classic, Nova or otherwise, the devil is in the details. That means adding some not-so-OE trim bits and pieces definitely makes the car stand above any other Nova parked within the vicinity. For instance, let’s first mention the hood hinges.

Getting Hinged

The Eddie Motorsports billet aluminum hood hinges are CNC-machined from solid chunks of 6061-T6 billet aluminum. What’s more, it is all done right here in the USA at the company’s southern California facility.

The hinges utilize stainless-steel nitrogen-filled struts instead of springs. The hinges also use high-quality sealed ball bearings at all pivot points for smooth and reliable operation. Although the hinges are available with a raw machined or bright polished finish (or a wide variety of anodized and Fusioncoated colors), we chose to utilize hinges with a black Fusioncoat.

modernizing a classic

Balling For Access

While some not-so-modern trends required door handle removal, thankfully, we have moved on. But a car like MaxStreet could not be burdened with the stock door handles. The billet aluminum door handles adorning MaxStreet feature a ball-milled finish and, like the hinges, are machined from solid chunks of 6061-T6 aluminum. these one-piece handles are a direct replacement for the stock pot-metal parts and can be purchased with a brushed satin, bright polished finish, or again, a variety of Fusioncoat and anodized colors.

Whether modernizing your ride or even keeping it close to stock, adding a set of LED lights is a wise and easy upgrade.

Light ’em Up

The ’66 and ’67 Nova has an unmistakable design, and the front grille area is timeless. That doesn’t mean some aftermarket touches cannot improve upon the already good looks. For that reason, our job of modernizing a classic required a set of UPI’s LED lights to make sure the night is as bright as daylight when traveling forward, and those trying to keep up can see us braking to give them a chance.

The Ultralit 7-inch headlights light up the night with Super bright 2,700-lumen high beams (four LEDs) and 1,200-lumen projector low beams (single LED). The headlights also feature 60 LEDs dual-color white/amber halo rings. Mounted on both sides of the trunk lid are LED taillights and more Fusioncoated goodness from Eddie Motorsports.

Got Pins

The final exterior touch comes by way of Eddie Motorsports hood pins. What’s a muscle car without hood pins? The ones mounted to MaxStreet are, like the other billet parts, CNC machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminum and are American made. They fasten to the hood with four through bolts and come with a billet adjuster nut and flip-over pin with an integral tether. The hood pins are also available in a variety of finishes and come complete with stainless steel fasteners.

MaxStreet is not a car that should be parked in a garage somewhere, and to that end, TMI Products got the nod to outfit the car. But interior details were once again handed off to the folks at Eddie Motorsports. Have you noticed the door handles, window cranks, and steering wheel, in no way resemble stock? We couldn’t bring ourselves to use OE pieces.

Rotational Awareness

A new addition to the Eddie Motorsports product line is billet aluminum steering wheels, and MaxStreet got one of the first ones. These wheels can be purchased with a raw machined or highly polished finish or with a Fusioncoat color. The half-wrap grips are available in black, grey, tan, and red, or you can also wrap the wheel with your interior’s matching leather or vinyl.

There you have it, Project MaxStreet has received all the goodies and is ready to hit the highway and show field. If you want to see all the articles about MaxStreet, click here for all the details.

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