It’s Time To Upgrade The Steering Box In Your ’88-’98 Chevy Truck

There are multiple ways we interact with our classic ride. Sometimes it is when we spend the afternoon cleaning it. But some of those interactions are more visceral. Take for instance floorboarding the go pedal or steering into a corner with a little more oomph than most would. If you like to tackle all corners with a little more vigor, then quality steering components are a must-have. Nobody wants to drive a car or truck that has a loose steering system. Whether your classic ride is a car or truck, handling is always a priority. Thanks to the folks at Borgeson, your classic ride can have the feel of a late-model ride with a new steering box.

That said, go to any car show or cruise night and you will quickly learn that the Chevrolet OBS trucks (1988 through 1998), are a hot commodity right now. Because of that, the aftermarket is abuzz with new products to upgrade these haulers. One item that every truck on the track or highway needs is the Borgeson Street & Performance Quick Ratio Power Steering Box

steering box

Expanding on its wildly successful Street & Performance Series of steering gears Borgeson Universal now offers the only quick ratio power steering box to replace the Delphi 800 series in 1988 through 1998 Chevrolet OBS trucks. This all-new power steering box has a quick 12.7:1 ratio with a firm modern steering feel. The Borgeson Street & Performance power steering box will bolt directly to the stock location and fit the original power steering pitman arm, steering shaft, and power steering hoses.

If you’re ready to make your truck or car handle better than you ever dreamed possible, then you need to check out to get all the information you need and the parts you know you want.

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