Sexy Sally: Shawn White’s Radical 900-Horsepower Pro Street Chevelle

A 1970 Chevelle SS with a 454 cubic-inch big block is one of the coolest muscle cars to ever roam the streets. Shawn White is a Chevelle fan that took the cool factor of a big block Chevelle and cranked it up to 11 with his radical Pro Street ride known as “Sexy Sally”.

The Sexy Sally moniker was coined by White’s wife based on the SS badges that adorn the Chevelle’s fenders. Sexy Sally really lives up to her name thanks to the vibrant red paint, black stripes, and massive 33×22 Mickey Thompson tires that are tucked under the Chevelle. The entire look of the car fits the street-driven race car vibe that White wanted to create.

To achieve Pro Street perfection, White went to work giving Sexy Salley a full back half chassis massage. A narrowed 12-bolt rearend, four-link suspension, and VariShock coilovers replaced all the stock parts to make the big tire conversion work. The front suspension still uses OEM A-arms, but a set of drop spindles and VariShocks were added to help give the Chevelle a killer stance. Sexy Sally rides in style on a full set of Weld Pro Star wheels.

If you’re going to build a Pro Street car, you don’t want it to be all bark and no bite. White took that thought process to the extreme by stuffing a thumping 565 cubic-inch Beck Racing Engines rat motor under the hood of Sexy Salley. The big block Chevy is based around a Dart Big M block and a SCAT crankshaft. On top of the engine, you’ll find a set of Dart Pro 1 heads, an Edelbrock intake, and a Quick Fuel carburetor. The Beck-built mill uses a full MSD ignition system to light off the combustion process.

White put an FTI Stage 5 TH400 transmission behind the big block that he shifts via a custom Lenco-inspired shifter. The Stage 5 transmission was a must considering the Beck Racine Engines mill cranks out over 900 naturally aspirated horsepower and just over 1,200 horsepower when White feeds it a healthy dose of nitrous oxide for good measure.


Inside the Chevelle, White monitors the engine’s vitals through a bevy of Auto Meter gauges. The interior of Sexy Sally is fairly spartan with several OEM pieces remaining inside the NHRA 8.50 roll cage. Who really needs a fancy interior when you have all that big block horsepower waiting to be unleased anyway?

Words really don’t do Sexy Sally justice, so you need to watch this video from AutotopiaLA. Host Shawn Davis gives you a great tour of the car, and shows you what it’s like to ride shotgun in this hot Chevelle.

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