Gain Control Over Your S550’s Body Roll With BMR Suspension

In 2015, Ford Motor Company released its sixth generation of the famed Ford Mustang. The car received several updates in regards to suspension and chassis. These changes naturally affected the car’s handling, but also shifted the consumer’s perspective of the pony car. The Mustang had managed to refine itself from a brute straight-line only performer and into a track day contender that can be thrown from corner to corner in nearly stock form. While the days of being drag-centric are far from over, the global-car now possesses the ability to attract an audience that wants to optimize the car for road racing or autocross and with that comes new products aimed at providing better handling that owners desire. This is where BMR Suspension comes in.


If you’ve been around the Mustang community for long enough you might recognize the bright red tubular suspension components that hail from BMR Suspension. The company has been making products that aid racers in motorsports that range from drag racing to road racing and offer adjustability in its products to fully optimize the suspension setup in a Mustang. Since BMR Suspension has been working through the evolution of Mustangs, it’s not surprising the company would also create quality pieces for the S550 community with multi-motorsports in mind.

While more Mustang owners are entering autocross and road racing competition or track days, the need to focus on improving the factory handling has been priority number one for most. The easiest first step for many is to install sway bars with a higher torsional spring rate to help control body roll and determine the understeer or oversteer behavior. BMR Suspension has the remedy for the underwhelming stock units with its sway bar kit that uses 35mm (front) and 22mm (rear) DOM steel tubing.

Not all sway bars are created equally though and BMR Suspension showcases its units with polyurethane bushings that further reduce the deflection found with stock rubber bushings. Since multiple racing surfaces yield different suspension needs, the BMR Suspension sway bars are adjustable and can give 19- to 55-percent increase in sway bar rate on the front and 28- to 41-percent increase in sway bar rate in the rear over the stock units. This allows owners to fine tune their suspension setup to their liking and to the tracks they are racing on.

As the Mustang continues to be a dominant player in almost all motorsports, it’s good to see companies like BMR Suspension continuing to elevate the playing field with its products. So, if you’re ready to take your S550 Mustang to the next level in handling, check out all the items BMR Suspension offers.

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