United Pacific Has Tailgate Options For Chevy And GMC C10 Trucks

The C10 truck continues to be a popular vehicle for people to build and restore. Aftermarket companies have paid attention to the demand for parts and made it easier to bring one of these trucks back to life. United Pacific has its own line of tailgates for the C10 trucks that fit as good, if not better than OEM parts.

General Motors original design of the C10 tailgate made it difficult to work on or repair. So, if your C10 tailgate was in less than stellar condition, it was a challenge to make it look good again. United Pacific saw this issue as an opportunity to provide C10 owners with a tailgate that would help complete their project vehicle.

United Pacific’s C10 tailgate is made of high-quality die-stamped 16-gauge steel. The tailgates are finished in an EDP coating, so they will remain rust-free until you paint them. Each tailgate arrives with all the linkage posts and trunnion pockets installed. The tailgate’s latch handle pocket is precision cut and has mounting holes. Each tailgate has a pair of  5/16-18 nuts welded on each side for latch mounting.

The tailgates are an official GM-licensed restoration product. United Pacific offers tailgates with recessed CHEVROLET and GMC lettering, they also have a blank tailgate option for those who are going for a custom look. If you need any additional hardware to install your tailgate United Pacific has you covered as well with a variety of products available on its website.

If you’re looking for a new C10 tailgate, make sure you check out United Pacific’s website right here.

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