How To Install CPP’s 1955-1957 Chevy Front Disc Brakes

Big wheels look cool on classic cars, but not everybody wants to run them. If you ran a smaller wheel on a 1955-1957 Chevy that used to mean you’re brake upgrade options were limited, but Classic Performance Products (CPP) solved that puzzle. This video shows you how to install CPP’s front disc brakes on a 1955-1957 Chevy.

The OEM brakes that came on the 1955-1957 Chevys were serviceable, but not the greatest at bringing the big vehicles to a stop in a hurry. Thankfully, brake technology has advanced and that can be applied to these classic Chevy vehicles. The brake kits from CPP have been designed to work with the 14-inch wheels that many 1955-1957 Chevys still ride on to this day. These disc brake kits can be purchased with stock or 2” drop spindles. You can also order the kits without the spindles or steering arms based on your application.

This kit from CPP uses a “floating” style of brake caliper, which means it will move in and out as the brake pads experience normal wear. Since the caliper will move, the steering arm will need to be slightly adjusted to avoid contact with the caliper. The steering arm needs to be bent a tiny amount and this can be done by heating the steering arm and then using a crescent wrench to bend the arm down so it clears the caliper.

CPP put together this helpful video that not only demonstrates how to assemble the brakes but also how to make the steering arm adjustment. You can learn more about this brake kit for the 1955-1957 Chevy right here on CPP’s website.

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