Melling Performance Is Here To Help Unleash Your LS Engine

Melling Performance is here to help unleash your LS with a new valve train lineup. Melling Performance, a longtime trusted name in the automotive industry, has recently introduced an impressive lineup of high-performance engine components to elevate your LS valve train to new heights and rpm, from valve spring kits to lifters, pushrods, timing sets and a high-performance camshaft. After we dive into the details of these exceptional parts, you’ll understand why they will be an excellent addition to any LS build.

At the heart of the new Melling LS valve train lineup is the VSK46652 Valve Spring Kit. This comprehensive kit includes all the essentials needed for your rebuild. It comprises intake and exhaust valve stem oil seals, valve springs, steel valve spring retainers, and valve locks. So whether you’re looking for a quick rebuild or assembling a performance LS engine, this kit ensures that you’ll minimize the risk of valve float and maximize performance without trying to piece together your own set.


Melling’s new 500704 pushrods are engineered for strength and reliability and constructed from chromoly steel. These pushrods offer exceptional durability with a length of 7.400 inches, a diameter of 0.312 inches, and a wall thickness of 0.080 inches. They can withstand pressures of up to 400 pounds. In addition, these pushrods optimize valve train performance, ensuring reliable operation under demanding conditions.


Melling now offers two exceptional timing sets to suit the different LS engine configurations. The 48560T-9 timing set boasts a 3-bolt billet steel cam sprocket and a 1-sensor 24x reluctor. On the other hand, the 48570T-9 timing set features the same 3-bolt stainless steel camshaft sprocket but with a 4-sensor 58x reluctor. In addition, both sets offer a 9-keyway adjustable billet steel crankshaft sprocket, so you’ll have the needed adjustments to degree your cam. They also utilize a seamless single roller chain and a one-piece Torrington thrust bearing, giving your LS build the long-term durability every engine builder dreams of.


Melling’s LS valve train lineup includes the 456233 Exhaust Valve and the 456231 Intake Valve. Both valves share a stainless steel makeup with matching stem diameters and the same seat angle. With both valves being crafted from the same high-quality stainless steel, these valves offer exceptional durability, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance. With these specs, Melling ensured your LS would flow efficiently regardless of the conditions.

The 22310 camshaft from Melling is a powerhouse cam designed for non-AFM engines with the 3-bolt non-VVT configuration. With an rpm range of 2200 to 5400, this camshaft is built to get the most out of your LS engine. With this cam, you’ll get 112 degrees of lobe separation, 0.575-inch intake and exhaust valve lift, and intake/exhaust durations of 224 and 220 degrees. Engineered for optimal power delivery and torque across the rpm range, your LS will have a noticeable change across its power band.

Melling’s latest range of engine components sets a new standard for performance and reliability without breaking the bank or piecing together different brands and specs. Instead, these components are meticulously engineered to maximize your LS engine’s performance. Add these Melling valve train components to your LS, and you can trust that your engine will be built for power, sustainability, and reliability.

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