Lingenfelter And Magnuson’s SUV Supercharger Breakthrough

Prepare to unleash an automotive revolution as Lingenfelter Performance Engineering (LPE) and Magnuson join forces, forging a new supercharger system that defies limits, adding an astonishing 150-plus rear-wheel horsepower and 100-plus lb.-ft. of torque to propel your ride into the realm of untamed power. This breakthrough supercharger system features a Magnuson TVS 2650 DI GM  SUV intercooled supercharger and LPE’s integrated control system. This package is perfect for your 2019 or newer Cadillac Escalade, GMC Yukon, GMC Denali, Chevrolet Tahoe, or Chevrolet Suburban SUV.

Lingenfelter and Magnuson are boosting the GM SUV platform to new heights.

The Magnuson intercooled supercharger is specifically designed for the L86 heads on GM’s Gen V 5.3L and 6.2L engines. Magnuson engineered the supercharger to work with the factory 90mm throttle body found on the L86. The significant increase in power while retaining the stock throttle body is due to Magnuson’s patented DFT (dynamic flow tuning) porting method.

The Lingenfelter Exclusive Magnuson Magnum DI 5.3L & 6.2L GM SUV Intercooled Supercharger provides the muscle to turn your family hauler into a high-powered performer.

Lingenfelter’s innovation comes into play for controlling the ECM once the supercharger is installed. LPE controls everything by calibrating the factory ECM and not adding any extra devices, allowing flawless integration. Not only does this reduce cost, but overall it’s an efficient method of keeping the powertrain happy and reliable. You just plug and play rather than rewiring a whole new ECM or extra devices.

Proof that this system maintains the OEM factory appearance and setup

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Such innovation is deserving of the term ecosystem. These are two big names in the automotive industry that have created a complete package that works harmoniously to achieve a usable 45% increase in horsepower. Furthermore, this harmonization has allowed for a system that utilizes a state-of-the-art charge air intercooler configuration that provides exceptional cooling, optimizing engine performance across various environments. This results in impressive acceleration, improved off-road capabilities, and excellent drivability, all while having a minimal effect on fuel economy.

LPE/Magnuson 2650 DI GM SUV Program Highlights

  • 45 % MORE Usable Horsepower
  • Incredible Acceleration
  • Enhanced Off-Road Ability
  • Excellent Drivability with Little Effect on Fuel Economy
  • Eaton Advanced (TVS R) High Helix Four-Lobe Technology for Maximum Efficiency Across Entire Speed Range
  • Maximum Cooling Through Unique Lid and Intercooler Geometry to Optimize Air-Flow Across the Charge Air Intercooler
  • Dynamic Flow Tuning (DFT) Inlet Porting
  • Utilizes Factory Beltline
  • Maintenance Free Supercharger Technology
  • Compatible with L86 90 mm Throttle Body
  • 3-Year/36,000 Mile Warranty on LPE Installed Parts

6.2 Liter Engines @ 6PSI Boost

650 HP

630 TQ

5.3 Liter Engine @ 6PSI Boost

545 HP

535 TQ

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