Elite Tuned: Revolutionizing the Tuning Industry

In a world where high-performance vehicles reign supreme, there has been an ever-increasing need for experienced tuners who can extract every ounce of power from these impressive builds without compromising drivability or safety. Enter Elite Tuned – a team of full-time tuners dedicated to their craft who have taken the tuning industry by storm. This remarkable company has transformed the remote tuning landscape, simplifying and expediting the entire process with its unrivaled skills, experience, and cutting-edge technology. As a result, Elite Tuned has become the go-to, one-stop shop for automotive enthusiasts worldwide.

Elite Tuned

The bulk of its work is through the remote tuning platform, but the Elite Tuned team still offers limited opportunities for in-person tuning sessions.

Led by tuning experts Mike Carnahan and Branden Leeb, Elite Tuned is backed by a dynamic team of five dedicated professionals boasting a remarkable 70 years of combined and unparalleled industry experience. While many tuners dabble with laptops on the side and treat tuning as a secondary source of income, Carnahan, Leeb, and their team of professionals live and breathe the profession, ensuring that every customer and vehicle receive their undivided attention and expertise. When you choose the experts at Elite Tuned, you can rest assured they aren’t just guessing with your tune in their spare time.

Elite Tuned

The Elite Tuned team is no stranger to dialing radical combinations like this build featuring simultaneous use of the factory GM direction injection and a secondary system using Holley port injection.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Carnahan and Leeb have set themselves from the competition by their unwavering commitment to leveling the playing field and offering world-class tuning support for professionals, shops, and individuals alike. The duo has worked diligently to be at the forefront of industry collaboration, having joined forces with prestigious programs such as HP Tuners, Brian Tooley Racing, Fuel Injector Connection, and Speed Society. Elite Tuned is trusted by over 25 professional shops, including powerhouses like Vengeance Racing, Wragth Motorsports, Powertech Performance, TransAm Worldwide, the Vette Doctors, and many more. Additionally, their clientele includes hundreds of private builders, solidifying their reputation as the go-to choice for those who demand the best in high-performance remote tuning.

TransAm Worldwide is just one of the many shops keeping Elite Tuned busy with a massive lineup of high-horsepower builds, including its recently released take on a modern Chevelle called the 70/SS.

Elite Tuned has raised the bar for the one-stop-shop concept, simplifying and streamlining the remote tuning experience like never before. Its fully automated website serves as a gateway to a turn-key solution for anyone seeking a remote tune for a build from mild to wild and anything in between. With the user-friendly remote tuning form, customers have the ability to customize every aspect of their tune to match their setup perfectly. What’s more, Elite Tuned is a certified dealer for HP Tuners, offering a comprehensive range of products, including devices like the MPVI3, Remote Tuning Device (RTD), wideband sensors, and more.

These integrated tools and the option to unlock factory ECUs and purchase licensing credits are seamlessly incorporated into the automated form, streamlining the tuning process like never before. With a dedication to innovation and efficiency, remote tuning has reached new heights of accessibility and convenience.

This ZR1 on high boost, E85, and methanol injection, was built by Zeal Automotive, a partner shop with Elite Tuned.  The team was able to remotely make a series of tuning revisions to address drivability issues before being cleared for the chassis dyno and WOT pulls to fine-tune the performance aspects of the build.

Elite Tuned’s expertise extends across a vast spectrum of builds, catering to clients with a wide range of tuning needs. Whether pursuing a mild upgrade on a daily driver or embarking on a wild, boundary-pushing project, Elite Tuned has you covered. Their impressive portfolio includes remotely tuned world-record-holding vehicles, showcasing their ability to deliver exceptional results virtually anywhere in the world.

Going beyond standard tuning services, Elite Tuned offers specialized support to professional shops and clients with more complex builds by providing options like remote track support and live remote dyno tuning sessions. Moreover, Elite Tuned understands that even minor adjustments can make a significant difference and offer tuning solutions for tasks such as DOD deletes, speedometer calibrations, speed limiter removals, CEL deletes, and various other tuning modifications. Regardless of the scale or complexity of your project, Elite Tuned has the knowledge, experience, and flexibility to deliver exceptional results.

Many question the ability to remotely tune high-horsepower, complex combinations, but Elite Tuned proves it’s all about who is behind the keyboard. Jason Leiva’s world record-holding ZL1 built by Vengeance Racing is remotely tuned by Elite Tuned while making 1,500-plus horsepower on a hub dyno.

Knowledge And Experience In The Palm Of Your Hand

Elite Tuned understands that dyno tuning and track tuning hold undeniable importance for certain shops or individuals, but some enthusiasts seek remarkable results without the accompanying hassles. As a result, Elite Tuned’s collaboration with HP Tuners enables all customers to access unparalleled and simplified tuning support using the exclusive Remote Tuning Device (RTD). This private label device seamlessly integrates with HP Tuners’ new tuner delivery network (TDN). The TDN, accessible through a browser or mobile app, empowers tuners to effortlessly receive files from their customers and deliver tunes and revisions with just the click of a button. With the integration of RTD and TDN, Elite Tuned has taken tuning convenience to a whole new level offering user-friendly solutions and ensuring that tuning excellence is now just a few taps away in the palm of your hand.

Elite Tuned

The Tune Delivery Network and Remote Tuning Device offer full iOS and Android compatibility. They can deliver a tune to any vehicle supported by HP Tuners through a mobile device.

Elite Tuned’s commitment to empowering enthusiasts extends beyond its tuning services with the creation of the Elite Tuned School. This one-of-a-kind platform offers various online courses designed to cater to individuals at all skill levels, ranging from beginners to seasoned professionals. The courses are meticulously crafted to simulate one-on-one training sessions, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience. The online format provides the added advantage of convenience, allowing users to learn at their own pace and access the material from virtually anywhere in the world with nothing more than a smartphone or laptop. Whether you’re looking to acquire new tuning skills or enhance your existing expertise, the Elite Tuned School is your gateway to unlocking the secrets of high-performance tuning.


Elite Tuned

Whether you want to dip your toes in the tuning waters or are a seasoned tuner, the extensive curriculum offered online at Elite Tuned School has something for everyone.

At Elite Tuned and Elite Tuned School, it’s not just about providing exceptional tuning services and education but also about giving back and rewarding its valued customers. Through its Shop/Dealer Program, Elite Tuned exclusively offers discounted rates for multiple vehicle remote tuning services. This program ensures that shops can maximize their efficiency and profitability while delivering top-notch tuning results to their clients. Additionally, the  Credit Reward Program (CRP) allows customers to make the most of their HP Tuners Universal Credit purchases through Elite Tuned and Elite Tuned School. With each purchase, customers unlock benefits, including discounts on future tuning services, free merchandise, swag, and even access to free tuning courses. Elite Tuned’s commitment to customer satisfaction and the tuning community’s growth is another aspect that sets them apart in the tuning industry.

Tuning For The Next Generation

With an unwavering dedication to promoting growth and success within the tuning industry, Carnahan and Leeb aren’t done yet. They envision a future where tuning education becomes an integral part of high-performance education systems. This forward-thinking vision aims to elevate the tuning industry by recognizing its importance and providing aspiring enthusiasts with the necessary knowledge and skills. With Elite Tuned’s drive to continue to empower and educate others, realizing this ambitious goal may be closer than one might expect. Trust us when we say the future of high-performance education holds exciting possibilities, and Elite Tuned is at the forefront of driving this transformative change to shape the next generation of high-performance enthusiasts and professionals.

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