Parking Lot Picks From Mustang Week 2023 Plus Huge Gallery

Normally, a car shows’ auxiliary parking is not the ideal place to find cool cars. However, when Mustang Week arrives in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, the parking lots can quickly become overwhelmed by the sheer number of Mustangs. The Mustang Week 2023 car show was no exception, and those who couldn’t register in time lined the outer edges of the mall’s parking lot with their personal vehicles, effectively creating a car show of its own. While finding owners proved difficult, we did find some fun builds that caught our attention!

Early Model Glory

Since Mustang Week celebrates all generations of the Ford Mustang, it came as no surprise that a few early models had also made the journey to the North Myrtle Beach mall. Among them, a stunning baby blue fastback immediately caught our attention as it gracefully circled the parking lot. Little did we know, the owner had brought not just one, but two first-generation Mustangs, with the other one winning the Mustang Week 2023 Editors’ Choice award. Now, that’s what you call an impressive pair!

Mustang Week 2023

Fox Body Mafia

The party truly kicks off when the Fox Body crew rolls in! While the 1979-1993 Mustangs might have lacked the safety features of modern muscle cars, they also spared themselves the added weight that comes with those safety measures. The Fox Body Mustang platform, known for its lightweight design and abundant aftermarket support, has transformed many of these Ponys into formidable race cars. Spotting pristine examples in the wild has become quite a challenge. Fortunately, the parking lot was brimming with impeccably maintained notchbacks, hatchbacks, and GTs that were an absolute feast for the eyes!

This Saleen coupe replica showcased an impeccably maintained interior and exterior. However, beneath the hood lurked a Kenne Bell supercharger, revealing that not all of these cars have transitioned into full-fledged race cars. Many enthusiasts are now living their dream, crafting these Fox Body Mustangs into their ultimate vision.

New Edge Nation

The New Edge Mustang was designed to offer a more aggressive and edgier aesthetic compared to the smoother, rounded shape of the 1994-1998 SN95 Mustangs. However, the often underappreciated 1999-2004 chassis has frequently only received recognition for the 2003-2004 SVT Cobra, known for its supercharged 4.6-liter powerplant. As demonstrated by our 1999 SVT Cobra, we have a deep appreciation for all Mustangs, including both the SN95 and the SN95 New Edge variants.

Mustang Week 2023

This Mach 1 came adorned with the factory’s brilliant Competition Orange paint, but the owner chose to incorporate a tinge of Cobra flair. They swapped out the Mach 1 front bumper for one sourced from a 1999-2001 SVT Cobra, and an Eaton supercharger, most likely sourced from a 2003-2004 Cobra, found its home under the hood. To complete the appearance package, aftermarket side skirts and wheels were added, resulting in a sleek and well-rounded ride.

The S197 Series

The S197 Mustang has experienced a surge in popularity among younger enthusiasts, thanks in part to the dropping prices of the 2005-2014 models. However, the real value shift occurred when the transition to a Coyote powerplant took place. Equipping the S197 with a fortified first-generation Coyote engine demonstrates that making a statement on and off the track doesn’t necessarily require an S550 chassis.

Mustang Week 2023

If you ever thought that the drag pack and Cervinis hood were merely for show, you’d be sorely mistaken. This Coyote engine is outfitted with twin turbos that feed into the Boss 302 intake manifold. The result is a combination that looks lethal on the drag strip and we’re just bummed we didn’t get a ride along!

Slammed Sixth-Gens

We’ve observed a burgeoning trend of air ride-equipped Mustangs spanning from the Fox Body era to the modern-day S550. Surprisingly, these Mustangs aren’t exclusively limited to base models either. In fact, we spotted a Shelby GT350 among the ranks of these lowered rides. While this may not be to everyone’s taste, it does underscore the versatility of the Mustang, proving that it can adapt to a wide range of creative interpretations. 

Mustang Affiliated

Even though the event bears the name ‘Mustang’ in its title, it still attracts a few non-Mustang owners, as well. Among the attendees, we spotted a striking silver Maverick that boasted a twin-turbo Coyote engine and has clocked 8-second quarter-mile times. Just a few days before the car show, the Maverick had clinched victory in the Mustang Week Cruise-And-Drag event. Additionally, we spotted a few SVT Lightning trucks, and if you’re a dedicated follower of Ford Muscle, you’ll know that your faithful writer is a fervent admirer of these trucks

Parking Lot Kings

Scouring the parking area for cars brought back memories of my early years attending car meets. Coming from a small town, we were familiar with most of the cars at our local gatherings. However, at Mustang Week, while we might not know everyone, when we finally met them, it felt like we’ve known each other our whole lives. If you happen to recognize any of the owners of these cars, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email!

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