Rare Mopar Options You Might Not Know About

There was a time when vehicles weren’t homogeneous items sitting on a lot. You could go to a dealership and pick a bunch of options and order a personalized vehicle. The number of options was fairly large, and some of them were selected more than others. These lesser-selected options created some fairly unique vehicles that you don’t see out in the wild that often.

There are some Mopars out there with some extremely rare features that many people might not know were a thing. The Ultimate Muscle Car YouTube channel found some really cool options that we never heard of, and we wanted to share them with you, our readers. You’ll want to check out the entire video on the Ultimate Muscle Car channel to learn all the interesting details of these options.


The Super-Lite was a very rare option that was only available on 1969 and 1970 Dodge vehicles. These lights were found on the Polara and Monaco lines. The Super-Lite was designed to be a lighting solution that wasn’t a high beam, but was brighter than a low beam. Dodge had an interesting way of activating the Super-Lite that used a dash switch, and the vehicle’s foot dimmer switch on the floor.

Another rare option you could add in 1969 and 1970 was the Mod Top to your Plymouth, or the Floral Top for your Dodge. These flowery vinyl top and interior options were designed to capture the vibrant style of the 1960s, and appeal to female car buyers. You had the ability to just have top, interior, and door panels adorned with these wild designs. There were three different color patterns available, and they weren’t produced in large numbers. In fact, many dealers stripped the wild-looking tops off and replaced them with standard vinyl tops to help sell the cars.

The DANA 53 is a rearend that was only found under 1967-1968 C-body cars that had a four-speed transmission in front of the 440 high-performance engine. There weren’t many four-speed C-bodies built, and one that was powered by a 440 is even harder to find, so that makes the DANA 53 rearend a truly rare option. You can tell the difference between the DANA 53 and DANA 60 by the bolt pattern around the rearend’s cover.

When you’re at a car show and see a Mopar vehicle with one of these options you’ll know just how rare it really is.

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