SEMA 2023: Summit Racing Releases Its Most Powerful T4 Turbo Yet

A household name in the automotive aftermarket industry, Summit Racing has been working diligently to develop and deliver its own line of high-performance automotive parts and accessories geared towards racing enthusiasts. Earlier this year we saw the launch of a series of Summit Racing Performance Turbochargers and they are continually working to expand its turbo options. Summit Racing is proud to announce the launch of its latest 2700 Series turbo, the S492-T4, once again raising the bar for its line of high-performing turbos that offer reliability and great value.

Summit turbo

Summit has the 2600 Series turbos, boasting the latest in compressor aero technology, featuring quick-spooling, and free-flowing turbines. Starting with 66 mm inducer sizes and working up to 79 mm, these turbos offer reliability and exceptional value for automotive enthusiasts. The 2700 Series takes performance to the next level with true race turbos starting at 76 mm and expanding in size from there. T4, T6, and V-band turbine housings are available, providing versatility to meet the diverse needs of racers.

Summit turbo

Specially designed, balanced, and precision assembled in North America, Summit Racing’s new turbochargers are engineered for class-leading racers who demand the best in performance. The turbos feature 2618 billet forged compressor wheels, ensuring superior flow and dependability even under high boost conditions.

Summit turbo

Highlighting the 2700 series is Summit’s newest S492-T4 turbo, equipped with a 92 mm forged billet compressor, 103/92 mm exducer, 1.25 A/R, journal bearing, and designed to deliver an impressive 1,150 to 1,450 wheel-horsepower. This turbocharger is tailored for typical 5.3-liter and 6.0-liter LS engines running TH400 and other non-overdrive transmission combinations, making it a powerhouse for those seeking optimal performance on the race track.

Summit Racing’s commitment to producing quality products is evident in the design and construction of these turbochargers. The use of advanced materials, precision engineering, and rigorous testing ensures that Summit Racing’s turbochargers stand out as reliable, high-performance components in the competitive world of racing.

For more information about Summit Racing’s Performance Turbochargers check them out here.

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