Why The Material Matters With Convertible Tops

When you lower the top on your convertible and enjoy the fresh air on a nice day, it really enhances your driving experience. A convertible top, especially on a classic car, will need to be replaced eventually and you need to make sure the replacement you select is made of the right material.

The top of your vehicle, whether it’s a hard top or soft top, takes a beating from Mother Nature. A convertible top really needs to be made from the correct material that can withstand the elements, otherwise, it’s going to break down fast and not function properly. The material needs to be able to maintain its shape while up, but still be able to fold up properly when you try to put the top down.

What that means is you need a top that’s made of a material that can maintain its flexibility after it’s been exposed to heat for a long period of time, has a high level of hydrostatic resistance, and keeps its color after heat aging. Check out some examples of how different materials react to the elements right here on the Haartz Corporation website.

Phil Hollenbeck from The Haartz Corporation explains why it’s so important that a convertible be made of the right raw material.

“All of the layers of material that comprise a convertible top contribute to the longevity of the top.  Haartz is the only convertible topping fabric worldwide approved by the OEM’s and that’s because our material can withstand rigorous OEM testing. We have seen many imposters coming in from overseas that look nice coming out of the box, but we’ve bought and tested these materials and they simply don’t even come close to holding up. This is because our engineers work with our supplier’s engineers all the way down the supply chain to the fiber level, which is the building block of the fabric.  Our material is engineered to last 15-20 years if it’s well taken care of. You’d be lucky to get more than a couple of years with the cheaper knock-off material and we have the test results to prove it.”

It’s not cheap to have a convertible top installed by a professional, so that’s why you want to make sure you select the right top for your ride. The last thing you want to do is have to have a convertible top replaced sooner than needed because the material has failed. You can learn more about convertible top material durability right here on the Haartz website.

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