A Classic 1971 F-100 gets a NASCAR-Inspired Revival

In the Ford Muscle realm of truck builds, few projects capture the imagination and passion of automotive enthusiasts quite like Craig LoPresti’s 1971 Ford F-100. Restored, revamped, and resurrected through a challenging build process documented on LoPresti’s YouTube channel, this vintage truck has garnered widespread attention for its NASCAR-inspired engine, striking aesthetics, and unmistakable roar.

NASCAR Infused

The standout feature of this Ford F-100 is its homage to NASCAR, embodied by a powertrain that echoes the thunderous symphony of high-performance racing engines. “I wanted to give my F-100 that old NASCAR vibe with an absolute menace of an engine underneath that everyone wanted to hear,” says LoPresti.

Nestled beneath the time-perfected patina exterior lies a small block Ford 302 engine, a powerhouse outfitted with AFR aluminum heads, an AFR aluminum intake manifold, and long tube headers. However, it’s the heart of this machine—the Anderson N-91 Ford Motorsport Cam—that sets it apart. With a power curve spanning 4,000 to 7,500 RPM, this aggressive camshaft delivers a distinct, ear-piercing, NASCAR-like exhaust note that announces its presence long before it’s seen through the custom-built X-pipe exhaust system.


The journey of this remarkable vehicle began seven years ago on LoPresti’s YouTube channel. The inaugural video captured the excitement of starting and driving the truck for the first time, marking the beginning of an ongoing evolution. Since that momentous start, the F-100 has undergone a series of upgrades and modifications, including multiple engine swaps. Each iteration refines both its performance and character.

After I built my first engine, I knew that having an engine that I built myself was truly the heart and soul of the build. I was obsessed with 8-9,000 rpm gassers and old NASCAR engines and how they worked,” Craig LoPresti, F-100 owner.

What truly sets this Ford F-100 apart is its deceptive appearance—a natural patina finish that belies the raw power lurking beneath its unassuming shell. “I was also super keen on doing a patina truck since each one was unique,” LoPresti says.

Custom Chassis

It’s sitting on a custom-built chassis with a four-link suspension supporting a Ford 8.8 rearend with locking 3.73 gears and a modified Crown Vic frontend setup. The Bart 15×10-inch wheels are encircled by 295 tires in the rear and 275 tires in the front. This well-engineered combination grants this F-100 an incredible stance, letting onlookers know that there is certainly more going on under the skin. Aptly described as a “sleeper truck,” its unrefined exterior conceals a beast that comes alive with a thunderous roar, turning heads and demanding attention with every rev of the engine.


LoPresti’s journey was not always smooth sailing, though. The F-100 has been an uphill battle, driven by his desire to craft something truly unique. His vision for the truck was crystal clear from the beginning—to stand out and defy the ordinary. This old truck wasn’t just a vehicle; it was his learning ground, his canvas. From its days as his high school ride to becoming a testament to his self-taught skills, every turn of the wrench was a lesson.

However, the trials weren’t just mechanical. The pursuit of perfection weighed heavily on LoPresti. Amid engine issues and critical comments, he faced burnout and moments of defeat. Yet, the unwavering support from his community kept him going. Their anticipation for the truck’s return fueled his determination.


A Testament To Classic Trucks

With its NASCAR-inspired engine, distinctive aesthetic, and documented journey of transformation, Craig LoPresti’s 1971 Ford F-100 stands as a testament to the enduring allure of classic vehicles reimagined for the modern era. Its legacy on Thecraig909 YouTube channel continues to inspire and captivate, leaving a lasting mark on the automotive enthusiast community.

As for LoPresti, his aspirations go beyond the F-100. He aims to build and develop his brand while relishing in the joy of driving and getting more wheel time. His plans for expansion, including new product development and a reinvigorated apparel line, mark a new chapter. With his mechanical engineering studies concluding, Craig prepares to pour his full dedication into his passion, eager to see where it will take him.

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