PRI 2023: Toyo Tires Unveils the Highly Anticipated Proxes R

Toyo Tires has introduced the all-new Proxes R DOT competition tire, a game-changer designed exclusively for dry road racing and high-performance track driving. This new addition builds upon the success of its predecessor, the Proxes RR, boasting enhanced capabilities that promise racers a gripping experience with faster lap times, superior stability, and better responsiveness on the track.

High-Performance Tire

For performance car owners exploring high-performance tire upgrades and seeking the latest innovations in racing technology, this new tire offers a distinct advancement. Engineered with an advanced tread compound and reinforced sidewall, the Proxes R was crafted to provide exceptional grip and performance. This innovation caters to a wide range of drivers, from grassroots racers to track day enthusiasts and high-performance driving fanatics. It promises a new level of thrill while achieving peak performance on the track.

Enhancements in the racing tread compound and an expanded contact patch bolster grip, enabling faster lap times. The reinforced sidewall and high-modulus bead filler ensure heightened stability and precise steering responsiveness. Notably, its symmetric, non-directional, two-groove, 4/32-inch deep tread design, complemented by wear markers, simplifies tread wear inspection, catering to racers seeking precision.

Cameron Parsons, Toyo Tires’ product engineer and field analyst for competition and specialty tires, highlighted the Proxes R’s emphasis on performance and durability. Parsons notes, ‘Our focus in developing the Proxes R was to elevate performance benchmarks while ensuring endurance. As enthusiasts ourselves, we understood the demands of intense track sessions. Through rigorous design and testing, this new 40 UTQG tire showcases significant advancements in lap times, proving its resilience in high-intensity racing.

Launch Time

Expected to launch with 26 sizes and load/speed combinations for 15- to 20-inch wheel diameters, the Proxes R will debut with ten sizes in April 2024, with a full range anticipated by the end of summer. Toyo Tires reassures continued support for the Proxes RR across various spec tire classes throughout the 2024 racing season.

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