Getting Dirty: Hot Rods Go Dirt Track Racing At The Jalopy Dust Up

The soul of hot rod culture is filled with a healthy amount of rebellion and the desire to be free. We build our vehicles into what we want them to be, not what others think they should be. That spirit of expression and fun is what helped to create the Jalopy Dust Up, an event where hot rodders rip off some laps on a dirt track in New Zealand, because they can.

What makes the Jalopy Dust Up so cool is how simple it really is. You can bring a pre-’65 car, traditional hot rod, vintage stock car, or midget to the event. There’s plenty of vendors, rockabilly music, and even a car show to check out. The event is family-friendly and attracts a totally awesome variety of vehicles.

The Waihi Beach Dirt Track in Waihi Beach, New Zealand hosts the Jalopy Dust Up each year. This literally looks like paradise, it’s a dirt track with an ocean view that hosts racing events. It isn’t a big facility at all, but that just adds to the allure of this event. You feel like you’ve traveled back in time watching the hot rods and classic cars rip around this dirt oval.

So, you decide to book a trip to New Zealand to check out the Jalopy Dust Up, what are you going to see? Well, be ready to witness some nice Model A coupes, old Chevy hot rods, vintage dirt track race cars, and other vehicles laying down some laps around the Waihi Beach Dirt Track.

You’ll want to check out this video from Hot Rod Revue to get a feel of just how wild and cool the Jalopy Dust Up is.

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