Street Muscle Mag Sponsoring Pony Car Wars Class At MATS

Las Vegas is an entertainment hub, and if you’re a gearhead MuscleCars At The Strip adds something else for you to check out. There’s a massive car show, vendors midway, autocross, and drag racing. If you’re a fan of American horsepower, you’ll want to check out MuscleCars At The Strip.

MuscleCars At The Strip has turned into one of the premier muscle car events in the United States. This gem draws in some amazing cars from every corner of the country. There are plenty of ultra-rare muscle cars, high-end custom builds, and awesome rides that people have built in their garage at home on display.

Phil Painter is the man behind the MuscleCars At The Strip. He says the event continues to thrive and believes 2024 will be the biggest one yet.

“Our team has worked hard at growing this event into something that people from all areas of the high-performance universe can enjoy. The Las Vegas Motor Speedway is the perfect location for our event and it provides our guests with plenty to check out. You can show your car, make a pass down the drag strip, or have fun on the autocross course. We’ve got live entertainment, and plenty of vendors for guests to check out as well.”

Street Muscle Magazine has stepped up to sponsor the always-exciting Pony Car Wars drag racing class for 2024. This class brings out some awesome 2006 and newer Camaros, Mustangs, and Challengers to the MuscleCars At The Strip event. The Pony Car Wars class is run on a quarter-mile bracket racing format and all power-adders are legal. Racers will get two cracks at the track on Friday and Saturday, with eliminations being run on Sunday.

You can get tickets and tech cars for MuscleCars At The Strip right here. Make sure you follow Street Muscle Magazine’s coverage of MuscleCars At The Strip when the event roars to life March 15-17.

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