Moroso Releases Fabricated Aluminum Oil Pan For Dart LS Next Blocks

LS swapping vehicles is a never-ending endeavor and for that reason, companies continue to introduce products that increase performance and make it easier to install LS engines in various cars and trucks. Moroso recently launched a new addition to its extensive line of oil pans that is designed with features enthusiasts will find beneficial to LS swapping their projects and for road racing, autocross, and spirited street driving.


The new Moroso oil pan for Dart LS Next Gen 3 Skirted blocks (Part number 20153) is all-aluminum and includes fully welded construction, a billet rail, and a built-in spin-on oil filter adapter along with other features that make it an excellent choice for performance applications.

This oil pan is designed to fit the Dart LS Next Gen 3 skirted iron block and is constructed with a billet rail and road race-style trap-door baffling. The fabricated aluminum pan is a wet sump configuration that has a capacity of seven quarts. Additionally, there is an integrated removable louvered windage tray. The engineers at Moroso also designed this pan to include a billet spin-on oil filter adapter and integrated 1/4-inch NPT pressure port. For those wanting more cubic inches out of their LS Next block, this pan will accommodate a 4.25-inch stroke crankshaft when combined with most steel rods.


Moroso has equipped this new oil pan with road race-style baffling and an integrated removable windage tray. These features make this pan a great option for enthusiasts who are building pro-touring and restomod vehicles.

The six-inch deep design helps this oil pan fit ’67-’92 and ’10-present Camaro, ’68-78 Nova, ’65-’78 Chevelle, ’78-’88 G-Body, and GM S10/S15 two-wheel drive trucks and Blazers. This pan is perfect for LS-swapping a variety of vehicles and can even be used in many other applications as long as you check your dimensions for clearance. Check the Moroso website for additional information.

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