Don Lutz Wins Street Muscle Pony Car Wars Class At MATS

Muscle Cars At The Strip has something for everyone if you love horsepower. One of the big attractions for this event is the drag racing portion of the show. The Pony Car Wars class was sponsored by Street Muscle Magazine this year, and it was an action-packed affair with Don Lutz picking up the win in his 2016 Hellcat Challenger.

Don’s Hellcat is a street car at heart and is a well-thought-out build. The Hellcat has been tuned for peak performance, has been outfitted with wheels and tires to optimize traction, and has been strategically lightened as well. This formula has enabled Don’s Hellcat to run in the low 10-second range in the quarter mile at over 130 MPH on a regular basis.

The Pony Car Wars class was contested using a bracket racing style format, so racers could choose their own dial-in during the event. Don has been racing for over 55 years in different classes and that experience really paid off. During the event, Don’s Hellcat was pretty consistent running in the 10.40s to 10.50s depending on the conditions.

Track conditions can be tricky at Las Vegas due to the high winds and temperature changes. None of that phased Don as he ran through the field during eliminations. In the final round, Don faced off against Matthew Yates and his 2018 Mustang. The Hellcat did its job and ran consistently again and Don did his job as a driver, so he was able to pick up the win.

Congratulations to Don for bringing home the victory in the Street Muscle Pony Wars class. You can check out our full coverage of the Muscle Cars At The Strip event right here.

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