This Barn Find Coronet R/T Is Being Brought Back To Life

Barn finds, they’re still out there, but you just need to be in the right place at the right time to find them. Aaron Boggs and his father Delmos have filled The Boggs Stable with vehicles that were lost to the world at one point. Whenever Aaron gets the chance to bring a muscle car back into the light of day he jumps at it, so he took advantage of the opportunity to have a 1969 Coronet R/T restored.

Ron Powell purchased this Coronet back in the 1990s and showed it at all the big Mopar events. The car had a 383 cubic-inch engine under the hood and it won plenty of trophies. When Ron and his son Mark stopped showing the Coronet it sat for over 10 years. When Aaron got the call about this car and it was available for sale, he jumped in his truck and drove to Lucasville, Ohio to purchase the car and another Coronet. After a little bit of winch work, each car was loaded up and on its way back to Aaron’s shop.

With the car secured, the real work began for Aaron and the team at Goodin Auto Repair and Performance where the Coronet would be restored. When Larry Goodin and his son started working on the Coronet they found plenty of issues that needed addressed. After scouring the world for rare Hemi parts, the Coronet started to come together and look like a show car once again.

You’ll want to check out this video as Aaron and Larry talk about what’s gone into the restoration of this Hemi-powered Coronet R/T. Aaron has a video posted from the day he picked up the cars and you can watch it here. We’ll have another video about this car where you’ll get to see the final product.

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