Carlisle Ford Nationals Announces New Additions For 2024

The Carlisle Ford Nationals stands out as a premier event for Ford enthusiasts, attracting them and their vehicles from across the globe. No matter the chassis, you’re likely to find it represented, perhaps even with multiple instances on display or nearby. However, the Ford Nationals offers more than just a showcase of automobiles; it serves as a platform for engaging keynote speakers and unveiling new releases from top Ford companies. Maintaining its tradition as one of the largest Ford gatherings worldwide, Carlisle has recently unveiled the additions for its eagerly anticipated 2024 Carlisle Ford Nationals.

Carlisle Ford Nationals

A Must-Attend Event

While the official parade is later in the week, the arrival of thousands of cars provides maximum sensory delight for the Ford loyalists. As you walk the grounds, the neatly sorted cars offer intense satisfaction. Attendees can peruse the swap meet for those rare and sought-after pieces as well. Once you’ve admired what other participants have brought to the show, you can check out presentations by Roush, Ford Motor Company, RTR, Saleen, KTL Restorations, Shelby American, and the team responsible for the amazing Merkur build from SEMA, JH Restorations.

Carlisle Ford Nationals


Static displays aren’t the only attraction at the Carlisle fairgrounds, with parades featuring the SVO group, Team Shelby, and a procession of Mustang IIs making their way around the grounds. This year’s special guest will be the Duncan Brothers Customs, hosting a press conference near their award-winning “Frankenboss” Mustang. Continuing the tradition from last year, Shelby American is set to unveil another exciting build. Attendees can look forward to meeting Steve Saleen, John Clor, Camilo Pardo, and Robert Kennedy, who will be on hand to greet fans and share their experiences in the Ford world. For those seeking action, the autocross and VMP Performance dyno events will provide thrills throughout the day.

More Than A Show

The Carlisle Ford Nationals transcends the typical car show experience; it’s an interactive landscape teeming with Ford pioneers, innovators, and historians all gathered in one place. The overwhelming presence of the Blue Oval brand is unmatched by any other event, making it truly unmissable. We invite you to join us in Carlisle this year, and be sure to stay tuned as we’ll be sharing our favorite vehicles list!

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