Strengthen Your LS/LT Engine Build With A Callies Apex Series Crank

You need a strong crankshaft if you plan on making a lot of horsepower, but that doesn’t mean you need an exotic piece to get the job done. Callies developed its Apex Series of crankshafts for LS and LT-based engine applications to strike a happy medium between its budget and high-end crankshafts.

Callies used its Dragon Slayer line of crankshafts as its mid-market crankshaft for LS and LT-based engines for years. When the Dragon Slayer was discontinued, there wasn’t a crank that fit between the budget Compstar line, and high-end Magnum crankshafts. Since there was still a need for this type of crank, the team at Callies developed the Apex Series.

The Apex Series of crankshafts are made of high-strength 4340 material. The cranks are based on Callies very own proprietary Magnum forging. Each crank is nitrided for hardness and plenty of wear resistance. The Apex Series cranks are finished and inspected in-house at the Callies facilities in Ohio.

Jared Lorenzen from Callies adds some details about the Apex Series crankshafts.

“These cranks will work in virtually any application. They’re rated for nearly 2,000 horsepower in a boosted application. The cranks come from our Italian supplier, and are finished by the same company that handles our other cranks. We currently only have a few different stroke options available for these cranks, but that’s so we can make a high volume of each and have plenty of them on the shelf.”

You can learn more about the Apex Series of cranks right here on the Callies website.

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