Event Alert: Holley Ford Festival and NMRA World Finals

Holley Ford Festival and NMRA

Get ready Ford fans because the biggest event of the year is quickly approaching! The annual Holley Intergalactic Ford Festival combined with NMRA All-Ford World Finals will be rolling into Beechbend Raceway Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky September 29th-October 3rd. That’s right all the fastest and finest Fords at one track.

Holley Intergalactic Ford Festival Events

Catering to every Ford-centric automotive enthusiast is what Holley does best and their event line up is no different. From showcasing performance to showing off paint Holley allows owners to get in where they fit in with participation.

You can check out the FordMuscle.com sponsored Show-n-Shine as a line of freshly polished cars will be on display. Every generation of Mustang will have its own class as well as classes for other Ford Models produced over the years. A coveted best of show will be dictate who is king of kings.

If dodging cones is your forte head over to the autocross section and watch owners wrestle their Ford through a grove of directional cones. However, if you enjoy side by side action than the 3S race is where you want your attention. See a drag race followed by a 180 into a slalom course take place with two cars at a time!

Enjoy loud noises? The dyno rollers will be spinning to the tune of Ford power with prizes for the highest horsepower, sponsored by Street Muscle. If you prefer the quieter approach then don’t miss the countryside cruise. The cruise will have you venture into Kentucky’s twisty back roads.

Giving a nod to our Aussie brothers is a skid pad for a burnout competition. While a swap meet brings it back to America’s small-town feel with vendors and individuals selling new, used and hard to find items.

Guest Appearances

Showcasing professional driving talent will be pro drift car drivers Vaughn Gittin Jr and Chelsea Denofa. Watch as they slide into action in tandem. As if these events were not enough the off-road sector is getting serious attention with the likes of childhood superhero Bigfoot and some Ultra 4 Baja rigs catching air.

Holley Ford Festival NMRA drifting

NMRA Racing

To seal the deal on an epic event is the NMRA All-Ford world finals. You can watch the fiercest competition between the fastest mustangs and trucks in the country. Over 10 racing classes ensures fantastic entertainment from street outlaw to stock car classes.

If you’re looking to attend one event this year, make sure it is this one. Holley’s events allow max participation. NMRA drag racing produces whiplash inducing entertainment. FordMuscle will be in attendance providing coverage. What’s not to like? We hope to catch you trackside!

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