Put Your CTS-V Power To The Pavement With BMR Suspension

GM’s Cadillac brand has grown into quite a performance luxury car. Combining all that Caddy-lux with a supercharged V-8 has made the CTS-V a fan favorite for the power-hungry. Aftermarket suspension supplier BMR Suspension has embraced the crest-wearing street fighter wholeheartedly. The leading suspension upgrade manufacturer is proud to introduce a line of suspension products to help your Cadillac put all that power to the pavement.

BMR Suspension CTS-V

The Gen-II CTS-V 15-inch conversion kit features BMR’s red urethane bushings and a Hammertone Black finish.

BMR Suspension offers complete suspension kits for Gen-II (2008-2014) and Gen-III (2015-2019) Cadillac CTS-Vs that allow the use of a 15-inch wheel out back so you can bolt on some seriously sticky tires whenever the need arises. BMR’s kits include everything you need to upgrade the rear suspension and are available with or without brake upgrades. Available brake systems include four-piston calipers offered in black or red powder-coating along with new rotors, which can be had in either solid or drilled and slotted configurations. The suspension components that comprise the remainder of the kit come in a Hammertone Black finish for durability and corrosion resistance. In addition, these ultra-strong components feature BMR’s red urethane bushings where necessary to limit flex or with super-precise rod ends to eliminate any unwanted chassis deflection.

Both the Gen-II (left) and Gen-III (right) conversion kits are available with brake upgrades in either black or red calipers and solid or drilled and slotted rotors.

All BMR 15-inch conversion kits are a bolt-in upgrade for the Gen-II and Gen-III Cadillac CTS-V and will not only allow you to put down all the available power but will also look great while doing it! Check out all the great products BMR offers for your Gen-II or Gen-III Cadillac CTS-V and the many other performance-enhancing suspension upgrades. Whether you are interested in street performance, hardcore drag racing, or handling applications, BMR Suspension has the products you need.

BMR suspension components are designed and engineered to bolt directly in place of the OEM components and will greatly enhance your vehicle's handling and performance.

BMR Suspension manufactures quality heavy-duty performance control arms, Panhard bars, shock tower braces, K-members, lowering spring kits, CV axle shafts, A-arms, trailing arms, sway bars, anti-roll bar kits, toe rods, and driveshaft safety loops to improve the performance and safety for a variety of vehicles. If you want to dominate your competition, you’ll need to visit BMR’s website so your car’s suspension can finally realize its full performance potential!

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