Ultra Rare Dodge Dart GT Convertible Brought Back To Life

The sands of time have claimed many rare muscle cars through deterioration, while others met their end at the hands of a car crusher in some random junkyard. There are some gems that have survived for decades as they’ve been bought and sold multiple times without the owners knowing what they had. This 1968 Dodge Dart GT convertible is a rare ride that’s about to be brought back to life by Burnout and Break Stuff.

The Burnout and Break Stuff YouTube channel noted that there were only 26 Dodge Dart GT convertibles sold with the 318 cubic-inch mill and a four-speed transmission. This particular car was sold to one Bernadette P. Dodds on December 7, 1967, at Mark Motors Dodge. The Dart would see three more owners between 1974 and 1976.

In 1982, Rick Slebos found the Dart for sale in his local newspaper for a mere $1,000 dollars. The Dodge was being sold with some slight body damage, but Slebos was able to repair the issue, and he even repainted the entire car. The Dart’s 318 would also be rebuilt under Slebos’ ownership, along with the clutch, the front seat covers would be replaced, and it would get a new top as well.

Eric Mathews was the next owner of the Dart when he picked it up at the Portland Swap Meet for $4,500. Once again, the Dart was sold with some body damage, but this time it came with a boatload of parts, including a replacement front fender. The Dart’s 318 would eventually meet its end in 2004, and be replaced with another 318 from a Dodge truck.

According to Burnout and Break Stuff, things changed for Mathews in 2014 and he sold the Dart to the channel’s owner in 2016. The car exchanged hands for $1,000, and an agreement that the channel’s owner would hold the car until August of 2017, but unfortunately Mathews never returned.

Fast forward to 2023 and we get to see Burnout and Break Stuff work on reviving the Dart. The Dodge sounds very healthy, and hopefully, we’ll get to see it on the road soon. In the meantime, check out the other videos on the Burnout and Break Stuff channel, they’ve got some cool projects in the pipeline if you’re a Mopar fan.

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