Classic Dash Is A One-Stop Shop For Dashboards & Instrument Panels

Interior parts that are in good condition are getting harder to find, especially dashboards and instrument panels. If you’re working on a restomod, or want to update a muscle car, the last thing you want to do is cut up an original dash or instrument panel. Thankfully, there are options out there now that allow you to update the looks of your vehicle’s interior, without destroying original dashboards or instrument panels.

Classic Dash has turned into a one-stop shop for dashboards and instrument panels. The company carries a wide selection of not only dashes and instrument panels, but variations of these OEM parts that can hold aftermarket gauges, and all the parts to install the gauges. Classic Dash also offers the aftermarket gauges and digital dashes themselves, so you can literally buy everything you need in one place.

One of the big benefits of using one of the products that Classic Dash offers is the fit and finish. The dashboards and instrument panels Classic Dash has created are designed to fit like an OEM part, but are made of much better materials. That saves you the time of trying to fabricate your own solutions to make a dash or instrument panel fit.

It’s one thing to offer the dash, instrument panel, or gauges, Classic Dash makes installation even easier by offering various accessories and wiring harnesses. Classic Dash also offers technical assistance on how to select the correct parts for your application, and detailed installation information to help make finishing the project easier.

Make sure you check out the Classic Dash website right here to see everything the company offers.

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