Horsepower On Tap: The LME Supercharged L8T Is Ready To Order

In addition to selling parts, Late Model Engines (LME) has always catered to customers wanting complete engine builds. The LS family of engines has traditionally been the bread and butter at LME. However, since the discontinuation by GM of the LS7, the Gen V L8T is gaining popularity and making a case for itself to become the go-to foundation for high-horsepower stock block builds. As a result, LME has joined the L8T conversation and is offering complete engine packages that will get people’s attention. You can order your LME supercharged L8T with just a phone call and have a 1,000-plus horsepower package in your project in record time.


The LME L8T is a powerhouse that can be dropped into anything from a classic street rod to a track-only race car.

As with any LME engine build, this is no mild crate engine. Instead, they have gone “full send” and are offering customers a complete boosted 427 cubic-inch L8T. The jewel sitting atop this beast is Whipple’s Gen 5 3.0L supercharger that can quickly push output into four-digit territory, with LME advertising 1,400 horsepower with a proper fuel system and a healthy diet of race gas or ethanol.

As mentioned, the LME Supercharged 427 LTX package begins with an iron L8T block. Once cleaned, bored, decked, and line-honed, LME begins the assembly process using only quality components. The balanced rotating assembly starts with a Callies Compstar crankshaft that undergoes LME’s blueprinting process before being set in place on Clevite main bearings. Compstar Extreme rods with ARP Ultra 7/16-inch bolts are added to the mix with Clevite rod bearings, and LME spec Diamond Custom forged pistons are placed in the cylinders and attached with heavy-duty wrist pins. The Diamond pistons are designed for high boost and high heat applications with an optimized valve pocket depth and enhanced ring land thickness. An ATI balancer attached with an ARP bolt keeps any unwanted harmonics in check.


With the black and machined pullies from Wegner Automotive and the black Whipple supercharger housing, this L8T looks as good as it performs.

Wegner Automotive

To complete the top end of this monster, LME bolts on a pair of CID LT cylinder heads that receive LME’s proprietary CNC porting. The heads are assembled using 2.250-inch DLC-coated titanium intake valves and 1.610-inch inconel exhaust valves with Platinum LME dual valve springs. Comp Cams one-piece chromoly pushrods, LT rocker arms with a CHE trunnion upgrade, and Johnson tie-bar lifters are actuated by a custom ground Cam Motion billet core camshaft.

The LME billet valley cover features a baffled -12 AN breather, factory oil port thread, and AFM delete block-offs that fit with plugs if you already have them in your block.

To add some bling to this L8T, LME installs its beautiful billet VVT delete front timing cover and an accessory drive from Wegner Automotive. But the crowning piece to this work of art is the massive Whipple supercharger. This Gen 5 blower is a twin-screw design featuring a 112 mm inlet and a 3×4 rotor package for increased RPM capacity and airflow. It also has a massive air-to-water intercooler to keep things cool.

The LME billet valve covers, Wegner Automotive accessory drive, and Wegner blower pully are details that set this L8T apart from the competition.

To keep things simple, LME uses a port injection setup on the blower for the fuel injection duties in place of the L8T’s factory direct injection. This means you don’t have the high-pressure fuel pump and other DI-associated components, and you have plenty of options for an ECU to run your engine. Additionally, LME offers options for your build. You can choose from several cubic-inch displacements, wet or dry sump oil systems, and various colors for the Whipple supercharger housing.

The LME LT VVT delete billet front cover lets you do away with the factory cam phaser, uses factory sensors and hardware, and is available for wet and dry sump applications.


This L8T package is sure to be a winner. We’ve already seen several builds utilizing this block, and the performance is impressive. We here at LSX are very interested in seeing one of these LME 427 LTX Whipple engines up close and in person. In fact, we have some exciting news coming soon regarding this engine package and testing what it’s capable of. So stay tuned for the details on

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