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Nitrous oxide has been a game-changer in the world of automotive performance for decades. When nitrous is injected into an engine’s intake manifold, power can increase significantly. However, the effective and safe use of nitrous oxide in automotive applications depends on various factors, with one of the most critical being the flow characteristics of the nitrous system. This is where Nitrous Outlet can play a crucial role in the success of your engine’s performance with its flow testing services.

Nitrous Outlet flow testing

Nitrous Outlet owner and CEO David Vasser can be found on many weekends putting what he preaches and sells to use. His ProCharged LS-powered S10, known as Stitch, also has two stages of Nitrous Outlet power on board. He relies on precise and accurate flow testing data to make the dual power adder combination work on the track.

Nitrous Outlet has long been a leader in the automotive performance industry, known for its high-quality products and outstanding customer service. Its flow testing services are no exception, offering a comprehensive solution for nitrous system inspection and optimization. Let’s dive into what is involved in Nitrous Outlet’s flow testing services and why it should be done to ensure the safety and proper functioning of your nitrous system.

It goes without saying, safety should always be a top priority when using nitrous oxide. An improperly tuned nitrous system can lead to engine damage, parts breakage, or even catastrophic failure. Flow testing the nitrous system helps identify any issues, such as restrictions, blockages, or leaks that could compromise the system’s safety and performance. Although safety is a top priority, the primary purpose of flow testing a nitrous system is to ensure optimized performance. Every engine is unique, and the amount of nitrous oxide and fuel needed to achieve the desired power gains can vary significantly. Flow testing helps determine the precise flow rate of nitrous oxide through the system, allowing for accurate tuning and power delivery.

Nitrous Outlet flow testing

The Nitrous Outlet flow bench is where the magic happens. The flow bench is an essential part of Nitrous Outlet’s customer service to ensure that its customers’ nitrous systems are optimized and dialed in when they go to the track. The data gathered here is also critical to enabling the customer to make tune changes.

A well-flowing nitrous system that has been properly tuned on a flow bench is much easier to work with on the drag strip once the system is being used in the vehicle. Knowing exactly how much nitrous is being delivered into the engine is crucial to being able to tune a race car on the track. There is much more to running a nitrous system than simply installing it on the engine and making passes on the drag strip. To make things as easy on yourself as possible, Nitrous Outlet’s flow testing services can get your system set up, dialed in, and ready for you to mount on your engine. They collect the flow data necessary for you to make informed tuning decisions on your nitrous-fed race car.

Nitrous Outlet’s flow bench is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, including flow meters, load cells, and multiple sensors. These tools allow for the precise monitoring of the nitrous system’s flow characteristics. The data collected during the flow testing provides essential information such as Pounds Per Hour (PPH) and nitrous-to-fuel ratios. If you have a nitrous system, or multiple systems, on your intake manifold you owe it to yourself to send it to Nitrous Outlet for their flow testing and tuning services. Once received, the expert technicians will begin the process with a thorough teardown of the entire nitrous system. During this inspection, every component is meticulously examined for expansion areas, restriction points, solenoid performance, potential leaks, and any other areas of concern. This detailed inspection helps identify any issues that may affect the system’s performance.

Nitrous Outlet flow testing

Making something like this five-stage dry nitrous system perform at its best takes a lot of knowledge and experience. Nitrous Outlet has many years of both and can help shorten the time from installation to passes on the track with their flow testing services.

Following the detailed inspection of the nitrous system, the intake manifold is then placed on the flow bench where it undergoes extensive testing to gather data on the flow characteristics of the system before going through the tune-up process where jet mapping is done for the desired power gains. For those using multi-stage nitrous systems, tuning can become complex. Nitrous Outlet simplifies things for you by flow-testing each stage individually during the tune-up process. Once each stage is flow-tested on its own, the stages are then stacked and retested in the order in which they would be activated during a run on the track. This allows for precise timing and fueling adjustments as the systems are activated sequentially.

This approach ensures that the correct PPH numbers and nitrous-to-fuel ratios are provided for each stage and the system as a whole. This valuable data is crucial for on-track tuning purposes, and Nitrous Outlet provides every bit of data gathered during the flow bench testing and system tuning to the customer to help make informed and educated tune step-ups based on precise data.

Furthermore, if you don’t already have a nitrous system on your intake manifold, Nitrous Outlet can install any nitrous system you need to meet your power goals. Whether it’s a dry or wet system, a plate or nozzles, one stage or 6, the professionals at Nitrous Outlet can install the complete system, flow test and tune it, and ship it to you ready to put on your engine and head to the track. If you would like to learn more about Nitrous Outlets flow testing services you can reach them at

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