5 Things You Missed By Not Attending The LMR Cruise In Plus Gallery!

Have you ever attended a party where an overwhelming number of people converge at a chosen spot? Just when you believed the party was at capacity, another group would arrive and take over yet another section. Well, the LMR Cruise In is not much different. Instead of being about parties of people, it’s a sea of Ford loyalists driving in with their Mustangs, Lightnings, Broncos, and more. Each year, an increasing number of cars show up, and with Ford Muscle magazine being the presenting magazine of the event, you can bet we were excited to take it all in!

Cobra R Crowd

While the 2000 SVT Cobra R had a production number of only 300, the 1995 SVT Cobra R managed an even more limited run with only 250 units built. The rarity and age of these models have rendered them nearly obsolete at shows, let alone in the wild. However, with LMR and its owner boasting two 2000 SVT Cobra R models in the stable, the event is gradually evolving into what one might consider the SVT Cobra R nationals, with more rolling in each year. This year, 10 2000 Cobra Rs and 3 1995 Cobra Rs were in attendance. To cap off the event, the Cobra R group did a parade lap, and the roar of their engines echoed throughout the infield of the Texas Motor Speedway.


The Ford Lightning and its crew-cab companion, the Harley-Davidson edition F-150, made a strong presence at the event. Both first- and second-generation Lightnings were plentiful, each color receiving its due attention. Behind the pit garages, the area quickly filled with trucks ranging from slammed sensations to powerhouse beasts. In the garage areas, several former features were lined up, showcasing just how pristine a Ford Lightning can be.

Trans Am Race Car

Amidst the lineup of 2000 and 1995 SVT Cobra Rs, a former Trans Am car held its place. Although the series passed decades ago, this fortunate vehicle still participates in track days across America. Unfortunately, with a new fuel cell still in transit, the car wasn’t making any laps. However, that didn’t deter us from making laps around the car on numerous occasions, seeking more tidbits about the build and daydreaming about having our own Trans Am race car in the garage.

Spirited Laps

The Texas Motor Speedway is more than just a circle track with high banks; it also features a road course section. Although these laps were designated as parade laps, enthusiastic participants had the opportunity to drive their cars in a spirited manner. While the circle track allowed for some straight-line acceleration before diving into the high-banked turns, the road course area showcased the handling and driving skills of the participants.

Infield Entourage

The majority of cars were parked in the infield, where the large concrete pad served as a gathering place for numerous car clubs, groups of friends, and various generations of Mustangs herding together. Walking through the rows showcased everything from Fox Body Mustangs to the newest S650 models, and from drag cars to dealership stock models.

Giving Back

The LMR Cruise In stands out as one of the only events in the Texas region that provides a centralized meet for Mustang and Lightning owners to gather. What’s even better is that it’s completely free to be a part of. It’s truly gratifying to witness a company that supplies so many products for Mustang owners giving back by renting out the Texas Motor Speedway for an enjoyable day dedicated to all things Blue Oval.

The only downside is that the event only lasts one day. However, with LMR approaching its 25th anniversary, perhaps next year they’ll consider extending it for a few days. Until then, enjoy a gallery of some of the awesome rides that showed up.

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