Keep Your 2024 Mustang Planted With BMR Suspension

Factory cars walk a fine line between performance and comfort. After all, enthusiasts are often not the majority, and manufacturers try to please the largest demographic with their vehicles. This challenging act of equilibrium has persisted, transitioning from the S550 to the S650 Mustang.

However, where the original equipment (OE) market falls short on performance, the aftermarket industry steps up. With a considerable number of Mustangs sold, finding a company that specializes in performance suspension products isn’t a challenge. Nevertheless, locating one that can address all your needs in a single go takes a bit more effort. That’s where BMR Suspension comes into the picture.

2024 Mustang

Potential Pain In The Rear

When the 2015 Mustang was introduced, the most notable revision was evident in the rear end. While certain specialty Mustang models, such as the 1999-2004 SVT Cobra, had previously featured independent rear suspension (IRS), the S550 marked a pivotal moment in Mustang history. Since then, production-based vehicles have come equipped with IRS. This new suspension setup has significantly enhanced the Mustang’s handling.

However, some challenges quickly emerged. Wheel hop became more prevalent, and rear stability diminished compared to the previous solid rear axle setup. To address these issues, BMR Suspension developed components designed to ensure that your IRS-equipped Mustang, including the latest 2024 model, performs flawlessly on the drag strip and handles the road course with ease.

Fiercely Independent

The IRS from Ford isn’t without fault, though, and people quickly point out wheel hop, differential movement, and its soft rubber bushings. While Ford looks at these from a noise, vibration, and harnesses (NVH) perspective, the enthusiast market sees room for improvement.

To enhance rear stability and minimize wheel hop in the 2024 Mustang, the initial step involves addressing the differential bushings through BMR Suspension’s Differential Bushings Lockout Kit. This kit doesn’t replace the soft factory rubber bushings; instead, it prevents deflection with its 6061-T6 billet aluminum lockout plates. Furthermore, it is non-permanent and does not affect NVH levels. This modification, adding minimal weight, significantly improves performance.

The subsequent step involves once again focusing on locking out the factory cradle bushings. Cradle bushings play a significant role in causing wheel hop during aggressive launches. To remedy this issue, BMR Suspension’s Cradle Bushing Lockout Kit employs billet aluminum upper bushing lockout rings that securely capture the inner bushing sleeve, both front and rear. This comprehensive capture minimizes movement in all directions—fore/aft, lateral, and vertical. Additionally, the included cradle brace also provides a sturdy jacking point at the rear of the vehicle.

If you’re looking to enhance your rear suspension, consider implementing the IRS Subframe Support Brace System. The primary advantage of the BMR Suspension support brace system is its ability to further reduce wheel hop. However, this brace offers more than just an additional lift point; it enhances the rear-end’s rigidity, delivering a tangible difference both on and off the track.

2024 Mustang Perfected By BMR

While the 2024 Ford Mustang comes equipped to handle what the majority of the market is looking for, racers and those who want the best handling out of the car are always looking to extract the maximum benefits from their vehicles. BMR is here to help you get there, removing any doubt about your vehicle’s performance handling and allowing you to focus on the track. 

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