Rock Legend Alice Cooper’s 1968 Bullitt Mustang

Alice Cooper is a rock and roll legend who’s sold millions of records and his influence helped shape the landscape of hard rock. There’s another thing that Cooper loves just as much as music, it’s horsepower and hot rods. Cooper has an impressive collection of rides, but his 1968 Bullitt Mustang which was built by Innovation Performance Technologies is one wicked pony.

The Bullitt Mustang project started when Cooper was referred to Innovation Performance Technologies due to how they approach builds. While it’s easy to build a Bullitt Mustang replica with the right parts and a pile of cash, Cooper wanted something that had some additional features and could be driven a lot.

Jon Marshall from Innovation Performance Technologies explains what Cooper was looking for in his Bullitt Mustang build and why it was important to him.

“Alice lives in the desert, so the car needed to have a robust cooling system so it wouldn’t overheat when he drove the car. Another big thing Alice wanted was air conditioning, which was a must-have item. Finally, Alice wanted the car to have a CD player, that was the first time we had someone request one in a build. He wanted the CD player because CDs have a better sound quality than digital music. He planned on listening to the CD demos that musicians sent to him in the car.”

Innovation Performance Technologies set out to build a car that looked like a 1968 Mustang on the surface but would drive, ride, and perform like a modern muscle car. While that sounds easy, it requires a lot of engineering and attention to detail to ensure the car will be just as reliable as a new car. Innovation Performance Technologies really takes a deep dive into builds to make sure when the customer takes delivery of the car it’s been fully tested and is ready to go.

Cooper’s Mustang is powered by one of Ford’s Aluminator engines and backed by a six-speed automatic transmission. This engine package makes Cooper’s Mustang extremely reliable, but also gives it plenty of horsepower. The Aluminator looks like it belongs under the hood of a 1968 Mustang thanks to all the work that Innovation Performance Technology puts into the engine swap.

The suspension of Cooper’s Bullitt Mustang has been heavily modified. All of the OEM parts have been replaced with new aftermarket units including VariShock coilover shocks and a 9” rearend from Currie. The Mustang rides on a set of Foose wheels and is brought to a stop by Wilwood brakes.

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Inside the Mustang, you’ll find an interior that looks stock, but in reality, has been upgraded with modern touches. A full set of Dakota Digital gauges were used to work with the new Ford driveline. According to Marshall, those digital gauges will work like a set of newer OEM gauges and will alert you to any issues the engine or transmission is having.

Allice Cooper’s Bullitt Mustang R build is the perfect balance of old-school looks and new-school technology. The team at Innovation Performance Technology found a way to create a car that has an old soul, but drives like a brand-new modern muscle car.

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