Team Speedtech Dominates Optima Ultimate Street Car Series

There is nothing better than real-world testing when it comes to the engineering and validation of any product. When it comes to pushing products such as Speedtech Performance‘s suspension components to their limits, the “real world” testing actually goes beyond other-worldly. While they perform exceptionally well on the street, Speedtech components really begin to shine when in the heat of competition. A group of dedicated individuals known as “Team Speedtech” have taken it upon themselves to point their steeds, upgraded with Speedtech Performance products, directly into the heat of battle around the nation.

Team Speedtech

Team Speedtech OUSCI Participants included: (L to R) Ryan Breezee (1969 Camaro), Ken Kelley (1970 Cuda), Jason Smith (1987 Camaro), Chris Smith (1970 Camaro), Nathan Peard (1970 Chevelle), Rick Ray (1971 Camaro), Frankie Trutanic (1986 Regal), and Hondo Miller (1970 Blazer).

One such venue that allows them to test both man and machine, is the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational (OUSCI), which fields various competitors from the Ultimate Street Car Association (USCA) series throughout the year. Each stop on the event schedule is an opportunity to win and score valuable points toward the season-ending, invitational championship held in conjunction with the annual SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This year, the entire Team Speedtech crew brought their best to Sin City and set their eyes on victory. Team Speedtech had eight cars competing in the season-ending invitational, with each vehicle equipped in varying levels of Speedtech chassis and suspension components, ranging from bolt-on components to full-on race chassis such as the ExtReme-XS and IRS suspensions.

Speedtech Camaros Take Top Honors

Taking top honors this year went to Team Speedtech’s own Chris Smith, who cinched the OSCA and OUSCI Championships with his efforts at Las Vegas. Chris is a staple in the Pro Touring industry and a rabid competitor in the OUSCI series. As the owner of Smitty’s Custom Automotive, Ltd.


Chris is no stranger to building and driving cars to their limits. His Championship-winning 1970 Camaro utilizes a Speedtech ExtReme-XS front subframe and suspension, along with an ExtReme Independent Rear Suspension. His efforts put him in the points lead, and, finishing Third overall made Chris and his 1970 Camaro the highest-finishing rear-wheel-drive car of the event.

Ryan Breezee cinched Second Place with his 1969 Camaro on the heels of swapping to a DCT transmission. It turned out his front brakes would be an issue, but not the new transmission. His Silver Bullet Camaro was towed off the track Saturday morning when both front brakes locked up in competition. Ryan and his father did some quick repairs and Ryan was soon back on track. His never-give-up attitude afforded him a second-place podium finish in the GTV class of the Invitational event.

USCA Season Team Speedtech Participants for 2023

Hondo Miller – 1970 Blazer

Chris Smith – 1970 Camaro

Ryan Breezee – 1969 Camaro

Frankie Trutanic – 1986 Regal

Rick Ray – 1971 Camaro

Scott Timmons – 1967 Camaro

Tony Phillips – 1955 Bel Air

Carl Roeger – 1968 El Camino

Darren Voges – 1969 Camaro

Jon Nidermayer – 1968 Camaro

Kevin Dunn – 1967 Firebird

Brendan King – 1969 Camaro

Jason Smith – 1987 Camaro

Nathan Peard – 1970 Chevelle

Ken Kelley – 1970 Cuda

Kyle Phillips – 1956 Bel Air

It takes more than just a weekend endeavor to coerce any vehicle to such levels of performance. The folks of Team Speedtech have immersed themselves in making their rides, and themselves, the best they can be. The team has a Facebook page where they meet together with other Pro Touring enthusiasts to swap ideas and information among the group. You can check out the Team Speedtech Facebook page and join in on the conversation to learn more about the sport, the people, and the fine products from Speedtech Performance!

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