Attention Grabber Shoots For 230 MPH Half-Mile Record

The sight of a Grabber Blue Mustang would catch the attention of most Ford enthusiasts, regardless of the year, whether it’s a 1970 model or a post-face-lift S197. But when it’s roaring by at over 200mph, it becomes a sight to behold. In recent times, the S197 has proven itself to be a powerhouse platform, with Brett LaSala resetting the radial-tire record at Sick Week in 2024. However, another S197 is aiming to set a different record: the half-mile world record.


Swiss Army Stang

The Grabber Blue 2013 Mustang began its journey as a bone-stock vehicle, which Tyler and Jessica Hassing of Force Engineering acquired in 2014 with only 2500 miles on the odometer.

They proceeded to tinker with the car for a while, making all-around improvements to it. After a lot of work, they managed to claim the title of the world’s fastest stock Gen-1 Coyote-powered Mustang when they broke the record in April 2022, with Tyler behind the wheel at the legendary US131 Motorsports Park in Martin, Michigan. Storming down the quarter-mile in 8.26 at 164 MPH.


With the new configuration, the blue beast set another impressive time, featuring a revamped Gen-1 Coyote engine with built internals. It returned to US131 Motorsports Park in Martin, Michigan, with Tyler once again behind the wheel in October of 2022, and pushed deep into the 7s with a time of 7.67 at 182 MPH.

Half Mile At A Time

Seeking to push their limits further, they decided to venture into half-mile racing. Participating in a Shift Sector Airstrip Attack, an event featuring half-mile standing start races held on a runway, they embarked on a new challenge. Succeeding at an Airstrip Attack demands finesse, not just raw power. With minimal track preparation, drivers face the risk of spinning if they engage the power too early. Thus, achieving success requires striking a delicate balance between power and grip, making it a test of skill and precision.

They made the decision to tackle the half-mile at the Indy Airstrip Attack, located in Marion, Indiana. In 2022, with Jessica behind the wheel, they achieved their fastest pass of 203.53 MPH, breaking the 200 mph barrier during the first weekend of racing.

In 2023, determined to achieve even greater heights, they returned once again to the Indy Airstrip Attack, with Jessica once again taking the wheel. This time, they reached a new personal best, clocking in at 207.66 mph.

Shifting Towards The Future

Looking ahead to 2024, Jessica and Tyler Hassing are setting their sights on breaking the S197 world record in the half-mile. They have just announced a partnership with Garrett Turbos, aiming to generate around 3000 HP. Their goal is not only to surpass the Shift Sector S197 record but also to target the world record, aiming for 230 mph. Their planned attempt is set to take place in Marion, Indiana at the Indy Airstrip Attack on August 9th-11th.

As they strive to push the boundaries, we eagerly anticipate witnessing records come crumbling down at speeds exceeding 200 mph.

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