VMP And Whipple Collaboration Puts S650 Into the 9s

In the realm of performance motorsports, collaborations between renowned entities often yield remarkable results. Such is the case with the recent partnership between VMP Performance and Whipple Superchargers, two juggernauts in the realm of positive displacement blowers. The outcome of this collaboration? A stunning 9-second pass in a full-weight S650 Mustang.

Full Weight And Full Speed

Unlike other 9-second builds we’ve seen, Justin Starkey, owner of VMP Performance, kept this one as minimal as possible. The test vehicle was a 2024 Mustang GT with a Nite Pony package equipped with the optional Brembo brake package. This configuration put the overall weight roughly the same as a Performance Package Mustang.

We knew we were going to need sticky tires, but we wanted to run 9-seconds with as few modifications to the chassis as possible. Justin Starkey, Owner VMP Performance

After swapping out the factory tires for a set of Nitto 275/40-19 drag radials, Rebecca Starkey consistently put the car into the 1.5-second 60-foot range. On the last pass, she shattered the 9-second barrier with a 9.99-second run at 142.72 mph. 

The outcome of over 800 horsepower at the wheels is exemplified by a commendable time slip, boasting a 9-second pass!

Power To Play

While the S650 was kept stock aside from its new tire choice, the true testament lies within the VMP Performance Gen-6 3.0-liter Supercharger stage 2 kit. The newest kit from VMP boasts the ability to gain 350 rear wheel horsepower above the stock power output, which translates to dyno figures of over 800 horsepower. Featuring a front-inlet, inverted-style supercharger, 112 mm throttle body, 56-lb injectors, 3.75-inch pulley, and high-flow intercooler pump.

This kit, a result of the collaboration of VMP Performance with Whipple Superchargers, underscores the efficiency found in modern superchargers. While this kit makes the power, it also showcases you don’t need to strip out a 2024 Mustang, just a set of drag radials, a good driver and a VMP Performance Gen-6 3.0-liter Supercharger stage 2 can propel you into the 9-second range.

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