1963 Mustang II Concept Car Coming To The Carlisle Ford Nationals

There is absolutely no doubt the Mustang changed the automotive world when it debuted in 1964. In 2024, the Mustang turns 60 and the Carlisle Ford Nationals will have numerous Mustang-themed displays guests can view. One of these displays will have the 1963 Mustang II concept car, a vehicle that is rarely seen outside its home in Detroit, Michigan.

The concept in question is the 1963 Mustang II Concept and it’s coming directly to Carlisle by way of the Detroit Historical Society, its home since 1975. Before it got there and to Carlisle for that matter, it was an inspiration and showpiece for Ford and Ford lovers alike.

This concept was in part, the brainchild of Lee Iacocca. Knowing that there was a general hunger for the Mustang project and all things Ford, he envisioned a car that would hint at future Ford builds. The result; is this Mustang II Concept. Visually, it resembled the first-generation Mustang, but carried some modifications that made it unique. Its steel body was five inches longer than the Mustang and its top-to-bottom size was three inches shorter. There was an aircraft-styled instrument cluster that included a Ford Falcon speedometer, plus hand-made upholstery.

Debuting at Watkins Glen, New York in advance of the United Grand States Prix, it would ultimately only make a few more appearances through 1964 before slinking back into obscurity. It did, however, serve as a test mule for R&D engineers as a way to better fine-tune their mainline Mustang projects.

Now, thanks to the historical society and the international reputation of the Carlisle Ford Nationals, the car comes to Carlisle for the first time ever. It rarely appears at events of any type and will be THE centerpiece of the Mustang Legends gallery in Building T

“The Detroit Historical Society is excited to partner with Carlisle Events, one of the premier automotive venues,” said Dave Marchioni, Automotive and Industrial Curator, Detroit Historical Society. “The Ford Nationals is an amazing event to showcase cars from our collection!”

Gates open at 7 AM daily and these displays are just one small part of the world’s largest all-Ford-themed car show. There’s still time to register for the National Parts Depot Showfield, secure a vending space within the automotive flea market, or purchase discounted spectator admission tickets. Full details on the event are available at CarlisleEvents.com or by calling 717-243-7855 today.

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