The Sly Fox: Tim Lynch’s Coyote Powered Mustang Is A Boosted Beast

Tim Lynch is an absolute legend in the world of small tire drag racing. The Mustangs that Lynch drove was loved by fans and feared by his competitors. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that when Lynch decided to build a Mustang for the street it would be an absolute unit of a ride.

Lynch has owned this Fox for a couple of years. When he got the car the Coyote swap was already complete, but it was lacking something important to Lynch, forced induction. To keep things spicy Lynch went with a pair of Garrett turbos that help the Coyote mill generate 1,500 horsepower. A Holley Dominator ECU controls the Ford mill.

This Mustang is a true street car thanks to the details that Lynch put into the build. Lynch even rips his own gears through a TREMEC transmission. The big Baer brakes help bring the Mustang to a stop in a hurry. How the car sat was very important to Lynch, so it got a set of Detroit Speed min-tubs to fit the big Mickey Thompson tires. A set of WELD Racing wheels finish off the look. The car just looks mean and nasty sitting still.

The interior of Lynch’s Mustang is just as clean as the outside and engine bay. The RECARO seats are subtle and look like they belong in the car. Lynch installed a Holley Pro Dash to work with the Dominator ECU so he can monitor the Mustang’s vitals as he cruises down the road.

Lance Wilson from the FoxbodyFX YouTube channel has put together this great video you’ll about Lynch’s Mustang. You’ll want to watch the entire video so you can hear Lynch dish the details on his super clean ride.

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